Private Practice 1996-2001

Alpert, Barker & Rodems

Practice areas:

  • Securities arbitration/securities class actions
  • Consumer fraud cases
  • Employment discrimination cases
  • Breach of contract cases
  • Partnership disputes
Violations of Probation

Florida Attorney General’s Office 2001-2007

Lead assistant attorney general with the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit
Statewide chief of asset forfeiture

Representative cases worked on:

  • Prescription drug fraud/doctor shopping
  • Billing for fluoroscopy when only cortisone injections provided
  • Dentist billing for fillings when only sealants provided
  • Dentists billing for 4-sided resins when nothing provided
  • Billing for Targeted Case Management services when the services not actually provided
  • Upcoding evaluation and management visits
  • Billing for high risk pregnancies when actually low risk pregnancies
  • Exploitation of patient funds by family/facility staff
  • Physical and mental abuse of patients by staff
  • Private corrections company fraudulently billing Medicaid for providing health care to inmates
  • Improper off-label marketing of prescription drugs
  • Providing radiation therapy services without proper level of supervision
  • Billing for physician service when actually performed by ARNP
  • Ambulance service billing for advanced life support when only basic life support was provided
  • Kickbacks/fee splitting
  • Billing for custom power wheelchairs when only standard wheelchairs or scooters provided
  • Podiatrist using medical doctor provider numbers to bill for services above the knee
  • Improper unbundling of lab tests
  • Improper revenue codes being billed by hospital
  • Billing for supported living/supported employment not actually provided
  • Civil recoupment of funds using statistical sampling/defense of attacks on statistical methodology
Driving with License Suspended
Securities Fraud Arbitrations

Private Practice 2007-Present

Lauro Law Firm: 2007-2008
Broad and Cassel: 2008-2013
Scott J. Flint, P.A.: 2013-Present

Representative criminal cases worked on:

  • Podiatrist Federal kickback case
  • Multiple medical doctor Insurance/Health care fraud cases
  • Doctor dispensing prescriptions without licenses
  • Durable Medical Equipment fraud
  • Billing for supported living
  • Receiving stolen property
  • Worker’s compensation fraud
  • Public assistance fraud
  • Felony and Misdemeanor DUI
  • Driving with License Suspended/Revoked
  • Felony Battery LEO
  • Aggravated Battery/Assault
  • Felon in Possession
  • Felony worthless check
  • Grand theft
  • Petit Theft
  • Scheme to defraud
  • Possession of cocaine and other drugs
  • Violations of Probation
  • Possession of alcohol by minor
  • Criminal mischief
  • Competency hearings
  • Assist individuals and companies respond to grand jury subpoenas
  • Federal proffers

Representative civil cases worked on:

  • Defense against claims of false advertising by loan modification company
  • Defense of guarantors against banks
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act cases
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Securities fraud arbitrations
  • Breach of contract cases
  • Civil False Claims Act/Qui Tam cases
  • Defense of doctors/nurses before the Florida Department of Health and Medicare exclusion proceedings
  • Domestic Violence Injunctions
  • Foreclosure actions
Domestic Violence Injunctions
Consumer Fraud Cases