Scott Flint, a solo practitioner, practices law in Pinellas County and surrounding areas.

With years of real-world experience, Scott Flint gives his clients the loyalty, honor, and respect they deserve.

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Scott J. Flint, P.A.

Scott Flint - Scott J. Flint, P.A.Scott Flint has been practicing law since 1996. He is a solo practitioner in St. Petersburg but practices in surrounding counties. After graduating magna cum laude from Stetson College of Law, Scott worked for a small private firm in Tampa. He practiced general civil litigation, handling employment discrimination cases, personal injury, consumer rights cases, securities arbitration/litigation, and many other types of cases. In 2001, Scott became employed by the Florida Attorney General as an Assistant Attorney General in Florida’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit. The Medicaid Fraud Control Unit is tasked with investigating individuals and companies alleged to have committed fraud aganst the Medicaid program. He has worked on a variety of health care and insurance fraud cases on the state and federal levels, both civil and criminal, including civil False Claims Act (Qui Tam) cases. After leaving the Attorney General’s office in 2007, Scott worked as of-counsel with a large state-wide law firm for five years, practicing criminal and commercial litigation.

Scott did not take the “normal” track to law school. In high school, he worked in a factory manufacturing air vents, air handlers, and other heating and ventilation components. He also worked construction, doing everything from laying block, to framing, to roofing. He learned how to weld on his own and worked as a welder and metal fabricator until he joined the military in 1983. Scott spent 10 years in the Air Force and served as firefighter/paramedic and as a combat medic in Desert Storm. He then joined an Air Force special operations wing that flew AC-130 Gunships. It was only then he went to Florida State University, graduating summa cum laude, and continued on to Stetson University College of Law. While attending Stetson, he earned the position of Executive Editor for the Stetson Law Review. Scott is a member of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

As an avid biker, Scott has real world experience interacting with other bikers, motorcycle clubs, people from all walks of life, and state and federal law enforcement—even outside of the courtroom. He understands the day-to-day struggles that people must cope with just to survive. He will give all his clients the loyalty, honor, and respect they deserve.

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