If you are under investigation for a financially motivated crime in St. Petersburg, it is imperative you call a white collar crime defense lawyer as soon as possible. From “cooking the books” to money laundering, the FBI has gotten increasingly serious about prosecuting this offense. In their mind, this offense is simply “lying, cheating, and stealing.” However, at Flint Law Firm, we know that there is probably a lot more to the story. With such an ambiguous and difficult to define offense, it is easy to be falsely accused, or do something that you don’t even realize is illegal.

Almost all financially motivated crimes fall under the category of fraud. However, this is an extremely general term that encompasses the idea of deceiving someone with the intent of stealing money. It can range from a CEO embezzling funds to kids using someone else’s credit card for online purchases, to many other circumstances. Some of the most common types of fraud committed that require the assistance of a St. Petersburg white collar crime defense lawyer include:

  • Insurance. Such as when someone submits false information on insurance forms, including Medicare and Medicaid, or when a doctor’s office bills the insurance company for procedures never completed.
  • Embezzlement. This occurs when money or property is taken by someone that is responsible for them. Your St. Petersburg white collar crime defense lawyer will tell you that this offense typically involves trusted employees moving company funds into their own personal accounts, although the full scope of this crime can encompass many other variations.
  • Insider trading. Most commonly, this includes keeping pertinent company financial information from current or prospective investors, giving misleading statements about stocks, or using confidential insider information for profit.
  • Phishing. This computer scheme involves sending emails that appear legitimate in an attempt to gain someone’s bank information.

It is difficult to compile a comprehensive list of the most common crimes that require you to hire a white collar crime defense lawyer, since the boundaries for this offense can seem vague. So much so that many people were not even aware their actions were considered illegal.

If you are under investigation, or have been arrested for a financially motivated wrongdoing, don’t wait any longer to call Scott Flint. At Flint Law Firm in St. Petersburg, we have extensive experience in defending this crime, and we will work hard to ensure you receive a fair outcome.

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