felony attorneyThe first thing you must remember if you are accused of a felony in St. Petersburg is that the accusation is merely an “accusation” until you are proven guilty in the court of law. You will have the opportunity to seek defense from a felony attorney, so you do not need to go through the process alone. Even in the case that you are arrested, you still have time to act and fight for justice.

If you are either detained or accused of a crime, remember these two things:

Hire a Felony Attorney

If you are arrested or charged with a crime, the most important step to take is to seek out legal representation right away. Finding a felony attorney who you can trust will take some time and consideration on your part, but is well worth your efforts.

If you do not or cannot hire a lawyer of your choice, you will have a court-appointed representative assigned to you. We recommend that you find someone who wants to defend you, and has the skills to do it thoroughly. When your life, criminal record, and time depend on your lawyer's skills, you should make every effort to find the best one you can get in St. Petersburg.

Say Nothing

In the meantime, say nothing! Everyone knows the familiar phrase uttered by police officers, if not from real life, then certainly from television. “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law.” Your Miranda rights are in place to protect you in St. Petersburg. Remember that, until you have a felony attorney to advise you— say nothing!

Call Flint Law Firm to Talk To a Felony Attorney

If you get arrested or convicted of a crime in St. Petersburg, remember to remain silent while you search for a felony attorney to represent you in court. Flint Law Firm has nearly twenty years of experience with criminal defense and knows what it takes to fight for you. If you have questions about your individual situation or wish to schedule your consultation, give us a call at 727-483-8404.

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Best Criminal Defense Attorney in St. Pete You should not take chances when facing criminal charges in St. Petersburg— your life, or at least a portion of your life, may be redeemed when you have the best criminal defense attorney on your side.

So how do you know who to hire? Pay attention to the following characteristics when choosing your representative:


This one goes without saying— the best criminal defense attorney in St. Petersburg has ample experience. Many legal nuances can only be learned through years of practice. Intuition is one of them— you do not simply acquire it in law school. Seek out a lawyer that has experience dealing with situations similar to yours; previously going down this path will arm them with intuitive knowledge and sharper insight to assist you.

Analytical Skills

Sharp analytical skills are an inseparable part of building a strong justification. Your lawyer must be a person who can use logical thinking to conceptualize, visualize, and articulate each aspect of your situation. The right advocate will be capable of solving problems that seem impossible to solve by using logic and problem solving abilities.  

Creative reasoning

Not only is logical and systematic thinking a must— creative reasoning takes logic to the next level. This higher level of reasoning is used by the best criminal defense attorney to tie together solid facts with the nature of reality to build the strongest case for your protection.

Understanding of Florida State Law

If you are convicted in St. Petersburg, your lawyer should be well versed in Florida State Law. Choosing a representative within your jurisdiction guarantees that they have relationships with the local judges, law firms, police officers, and many of the others involved in your case. They act confidently, knowing what to expect from others involved, what they are permitted to do legally, and will have the experience to analyze your situation realistically based on other similar cases in St. Petersburg.

Get the Best Criminal Defense Attorney at Flint Law Firm

Flint Law Firm offers you the experience, analytical skills, creative reasoning, and understanding of Florida State Law that you will need to build a strong case. The best criminal defense attorney will help to ease some of the anxiety and relieve the pressure you are facing, call us to discuss your situation at 727-483-8404.

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DUI Attorney 64288041A DUI attorney at Flint Law Firm will help you fight your case if you are penalized for driving under the influence in St. Petersburg. However, you should be aware that although you have the right to remain silent, you do not also have the right to refuse a chemical test in the state of Florida.

When you received your driver’s license in St. Petersburg, you already consented to take a chemical test if and when a law enforcement officer has probable cause to believe that you are driving under the influence.

Many people who consult a DUI attorney after the matter were not aware that, upon receiving their driving privileges, they had agreed to the implied consent laws that exist in all US states.

What is Implied Consent?

The implied consent laws state that if you are lawfully arrested by a police enforcement officer due to sufficient probable cause that you are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, your consent to testing for drugs or alcohol is implied.

Choosing to say “no” will only lead to penalties, not a jail-free card in St. Petersburg.

What Happens If You Refuse to Consent?

If you decide to refuse to take a blood, breath, or urine test in the state of Florida, you will have to face the consequences. Your penalties will include a license suspension and for second or future offenses, you may be subject to serve jail time and other misdemeanor charges.

  • First Offense: your license is suspended for one year.
  • Second Offense: your license is suspended for 18 months (additional misdemeanor charges)
  • Third Offense: your license is suspended for 18 months (other misdemeanor charges)

If you are arrested for driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, refusing to comply with the implied consent laws is not a smart move in most cases. Instead, be sure to call an experienced DUI attorney.

Call Flint Law Firm for a DUI Attorney Today

Instead of adding penalties to your St. Petersburg record, fight them with the help of your DUI attorney at Flint Law Firm. We have been dealing with DUI cases for almost twenty years and know how to give you the advice you need. Give us a call today to discuss your situation at 727-483-8404. 

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criminal law attorneyA criminal law attorney in St. Petersburg often deals with the offense of theft. Stealing may seem like a very simple violation, as in very prominent cases when someone steals a car, but the concept of theft and what it entails are very broad.

Although theft is not the worst offense in the crimes committed against another’s property, it makes up the base of more serious violations. If you are accused of theft, Flint Law Firm wants to help you understand what you stand against in court.

What Elements Does Theft Consist of?

The first thing that a criminal law attorney considers when a person is accused of a theft crime in St. Petersburg is whether the five essential elements are present. There must be certain aspects of conduct and certain aspects of fault for theft have enough supporting evidence to gain ground in court.

The Elements of Conduct:

  1. Appropriation: when a person takes or uses something belonging to another without their consent.
  2. Property: there must be some form of the property involved.
  3. Ownership: the property belongs to another and another person or entity has control over it, possession of it, or has propriety right or interest over the property in question.

The Elements of Fault:

  1. The act is done with the intention to deprive the other of the property permanently.
  2. The act is done dishonestly. The element of dishonesty can make or break a case. Dishonesty is at the heart of theft, and its presence in a case may be the primary determining factor in clearing or conviction.

If you feel that the grounds on which you have been convicted have reasonable doubt or do not meet the five elements of conduct, an experienced criminal law attorney can build your defense in St. Petersburg. Do not let fear of conviction get the best of you— act now and let us help you.

Call Flint Law Firm to Schedule a Consultation with a Criminal Law Attorney

If you are convicted of theft, have a criminal law attorney from Flint Law Firm help you through the process in St. Petersburg.

With nearly twenty years of experience in dealing with theft crimes, we know what it takes to fight for you. If you have any questions about your situation or if you would like to schedule a consultation, give us a call at 727-483-8404.

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Criminal Law Firm | St PetersburgDishonesty. Lies. Unfortunately, these are not uncommon occurrences nowadays. Whether it is forgery, or fraud, lying can lead to severe legal consequences. A firm that is well established in the fundamentals of this aspect of the legal system in St. Petersburg will deal with many complex matters revolving around dishonesty. If you are convicted of a crime that falls into this rather broad category, can help you build your defense.

What are Offenses of Dishonesty?

Dishonesty offenses can include those crimes which disobey the Theft Act and the Fraud Act. Our legal system is taxed with new transgressions, and to deal with the evolving situations, the definitions and regulations are constantly in flux.

The Theft Act of 1968

The Theft Act of 1968 started off as a legal statute to protect from people permanently taking another person’s property, but now includes violations centered on property rights. Infringing on another person’s property rights is a violation of the Theft Act. What makes it even more complicated for a firm is that a person may be tried for intending theft.

What is classified as theft?

  • Depriving another person of property.
  • Undermining the security of another person’s property interests even when the actual property is not taken. This includes hacking, password spying, and so on.
  • Manipulating information that may result in the financial gain or loss of another.

The Fraud Act of 2006

The Fraud Act of 2006 centers around the violation of making a false representation for intended gain or loss. If you have are convicted of violating the Fraud Act, you will need an active firm on your side because of how intricately the limits of this crime must be approached.

What classifies as fraud?

  • involving property depravation or false representation in business settings.
  • Briberies
  • Financial, accounting, and banking violations

Offenses revolving around dishonesty can become a nightmare for those who are convicted. This is particularly true when dealing with violations on an intellectual level, which may involve international involvement and substantial finances in St. Petersburg. A firm who has handled a large variety of dishonesty violations will tell you that every case is a fight.

Flint Firm Can Help You with Your Dishonesty Violation

If you have an accusation centered on dishonesty, do not leave your future to chance, and choose an attorney from a respectable firm in St. Petersburg. has almost 20 years of experience helping St. Petersburg area citizens with their legal issues. We stay up to date with the fluctuations in the rules and regulations and can help you understand where you stand. Give a call at 727-483-8404. We are here for you.

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Driving With a Revoked License

Driving with a revoked license in the St. Petersburg area can be a very serious offense, which could possibly result in jail time and hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in fines. Depending on the severity of the situation, the charge may be considered a misdemeanor or a felony in the state of Florida. Understanding the State law can be incredibly complicated and difficult, and chances are you may feel lost or overwhelmed when facing a charge. For those reasons, a professional with decades of experience in Florida law is exactly what you need as you look to move forward with your charge.

Do I Need an Attorney if I am Caught Driving with a Revoked License?

Simply put—yes, you do. An experienced attorney in the St. Petersburg area can provide you with counsel and they can help to direct and guide you through the process. Driving with a revoked license is typically more serious than doing so with a suspended one; the punishment is more severe, and your right to drive legally has essentially been cancelled. There are several reasons why your license may be revoked in the state of Florida, including:

Therefore, in order to ensure your unique case is presented in the most favorable way possible, consider turning to an experienced attorney who has you and your rights in mind.

In the end, the prosecutors and court will decide your sentence. Being represented well is the first step in ensuring the court process goes as favorably as it possibly can.

Contact Flint Law to Take Care of Your Criminal Charges Today

At Flint Law, we are fully committed to assisting you and to preserving your rights. If you have been caught driving with a revoked license in the St. Petersburg area, it would be in your best interest to hire an attorney who is familiar with the local courts and laws. Scott Flint has been practicing law in the Sunshine State for twenty years, and specializes in criminal defense, criminal law, and DUI defense. Call Flint Law at 727-483-8484 or fill out the contact form here to begin protecting your rights today.
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criminal law firmWhen looking for a St. Petersburg based criminal law firm, you may not know the right questions to ask or even where to look initially. The information below should provide you with a general sense of how to prepare yourself for this search and what the most important questions to ask are.

The right criminal law firm in St. Petersburg should be more than open to any questions from you, so you should not feel intimidated when it comes to your consultation.

Criminal Law Firm Experience Matters

Does the criminal law firm in St. Petersburg have experience dealing with this area of law? If the answer is no, then this is an immediate red flag. You want legal representation that has a dedicated team with the experience to match. Rather than having a junior associate with no prior experience take on your account, you want —and deserve— a seasoned legal professional to help you in all aspects of the law. This helps you best understand the severity of the case and what, if any, sentence will come out of the court hearings.

Helping You Get On Track

Are they dedicated to fully protecting your constitutional rights? The Constitution was written for a reason and should always be taken into account if you are being faced with a criminal law charge. The right law firm in St. Petersburg will have a keen understanding of your rights and will properly educate you on them.

Flint Law Firm – Experience Is On Your Side

Does the firm examine all actions and evidence of law enforcement? This is another essential question to ask, because in certain cases there may be procedural errors, which can benefit you. Be sure to bring this up so that your case is attended to with professionalism and experience to match. There can major implications stemming from the initial charge, so be sure to ask the right questions to get the most out of your criminal law firm.

At Flint Law Firm, we are dedicated to helping our clients until the end of the line. Call today for a free consultation at 727-483-8404.

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Criminal Law Attorney

A criminal law attorney may not be required for your case in St. Petersburg, but very few criminal defendants choose to represent themselves. In general, it is estimated that less than 1% of criminal defendants opt to handle their own cases.

Why? The reason is straightforward. When at risk of ending up in prison or jail, most people will do everything possible to find professional representatives who offer their legal guidance and the hope that comes with it.

Theory versus Practice

The theory of law is something you can learn. Read some books, talk to well-versed acquaintances, research the laws that pertain to your case, maybe even watch some live courtroom action to get an idea of how things flow.

Those without a legal background can learn the theory of law, but criminal cases are never as simple in practice as they may appear on paper. The experience of a criminal law attorney in St. Petersburg proves that a case is never as clean as the courtroom procedure outlined in a book.

Unpredictable Factors

Success in the courtroom depends on many factors, many of which are unpredictable.

Prosecutorial discretion is not within the power of research to predict. The prosecutor has authority to make decisions and often the outcome is dependent on their sole discretion. Prosecutors determine which charges to file, and you may be shocked when accused of crimes you were not expecting.

Legal Guidance of a Criminal Law Attorney

Being intermixed in a criminal case may put you into a complex interpersonal situation with colleagues, family, and other people in your life in St. Petersburg. Most people have a difficult time separating emotions from logistics which can make it psychologically difficult to deal with all the aspects involved. A criminal law attorney can guide you through your case objectively while other people in your life may find it hard to look at all of the facts with the accuracy that can only come from keen outside perspective.

Your lawyer can review and analyze your case and study the charges filed against you, scrutinize your evidence, and consider the rules and regulations that are in effect against you. A criminal law attorney in St. Petersburg knows how to investigate and can often find facts that are undisclosed or even completely overlooked because they may appear irrelevant at first glance.

Call Flint Law Firm for Criminal Defense

The experience of a criminal law attorney is not something attained through research. It is the mixture of knowledge, intuition, and keenness developed through years of practice. When hiring a lawyer you are not just hiring someone with knowledge of the law, but rather someone to walk through the defense process with you.

Every case is different and with almost 20 years of experience behind us, we know how to analyze your individual situation. If you have questions in regards to your case in St. Petersburg, give Flint Law Firm a call today at 727-483-8404. We are here for you.

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White Collar Crime Defense Attorney

If you have been accused of committing a white collar crime, you may be wondering if you need a white collar crime defense attorney. In St. Petersburg, individuals are often confident that they can escape any charges without the help of a professional, but depending on the charges, this may be incredibly difficult to do alone. Here are some examples of times it is in your absolute best interest to consult a professional.

When You Need A White Collar Crime Defense Attorney

The following charges are known for being more challenging to fight than some others are. Learn more about each and why an experienced white collar crime defense attorney in St. Petersburg is your best bet for overcoming the charges.


Embezzlement involves withholding or stealing funds or other assets from a company or employer. Going up against a major corporation when you have been accused of thievery is not for the faint of heart; however, with a skilled lawyer, who has experience in the St. Petersburg area and has dealt with similar cases, you may be able to get off with little to no harm done.


Whether it is tax, medical, or insurance fraud, trying to scam the system in your favor is a serious offense. A white collar crime defense attorney knows the in’s and out’s of the legal system and how to handle fraud cases. They will be able to recommend which documents, such as bills, bank statements, and invoices, you may need to back up your case.


If you have been accused of committing forgery, you need to arm yourself with the best defense possible. In all fifty states, forgery is punishable as a felony, and you could find yourself in prison.

Tax Evasion

Dealing with the IRS regarding any sort of criminal activity can be intimidating, but a trusted white collar crime defense attorney can help you field the pressure. You may be accused of misrepresenting your income, your deductibles, or even completely failing to pay your taxes. Be prepared to offer up documentation of past tax records and other forms that can help your case.


Whether it is one individual or an entire company in St. Petersburg, being accused of bribery is no small matter. Bribery comes in many shapes and forms, too, so defining your case and defending you are best left to a professional with experience in this realm.

Consult With a Professional at Flint Law, P.A.

The first thing you should do if you have been accused of a crime is to hire a seasoned lawyer that focuses on the area in which you are being accused. For St. Petersburg residents, contact the Flint Law, P.A. Our law firm has been working hard over the last twenty years to become a well-trusted, highly-successful firm where you can find a white collar crime defense attorney to assist you in your time of need. For more information or for a free consultation, contact us at 727-483-8404 today.

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Crminal Defense Attorney

Whether you think you are under investigation or have already been arrested, the first thing you should do is seek help from a lawyer. After all, assistance from a legal professional can often increase the possibility of a positive outcome. Finding the best criminal defense attorney in St. Petersburg is not difficult if you know what to look for. You may feel overwhelmed because there are many to choose from in the Tampa Bay area, and we have a few ideas of what you should consider when looking for someone.

1. Experience

An individual who has experience with cases similar to yours will likely be more helpful than a lawyer without it. When you interview a potential criminal defense attorney, ask them about how they have handled lawsuits like yours in the past. At Flint Law, our experience covers a wide range of crimes, including but not limited to:

  • White Collar
  • Grand or Petit Theft
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Welfare or Insurance Fraud
  • Assault & Battery
  • DUIs

By meeting with law professionals in St. Petersburg to learn about their previous experience in court, you can identify someone who knows how to best handle your case. Do not underestimate the complicated nature of the legal system by trying to represent yourself. Let an experienced, informed lawyer take the reins of your suit.

2. Commitment

Pretrial and court proceedings are stressful experiences, so it is crucial that you have strong representation that is committed to the client. This means they are willing to work with you and not just for you. Flint Law in St. Petersburg has a dedicated criminal defense attorney who will conduct research to bolster your suit. Flint knows that legal jargon can be confusing, so he takes the time to help clients understand the implications of their charges. Flint’s commitment to protecting his client’s rights is comparable to the attention he gives his cases.

Flint Law: Criminal Defense Attorney

Too many people have tried to cut costs by representing themselves in court. Up front, it can seem like a simple task, but legal documents and proceedings are complicated and confusing. It is easy for an untrained person in St. Petersburg to overlook a crucial detail that a seasoned criminal defense attorney would catch. Make the right decision and let Flint Law handle your case. Call 727-483-8404 to start protecting your rights today.

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