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What to do When Faced with Insurance Fraud in Clearwater

Many times clients come to us not knowing where to start when facing charges of fraudulence in Clearwater. The two types of insurance fraud we typically see are hard fraud and soft fraud, with the latter being more common. It is imperative that your legal representation has experience with both types of insurance fraud to be able to take on your case sufficiently. There is a considerable difference between the two, so be sure that your legal counsel is able to distinguish between them and draw up a plan of action for how to best pursue your case.

Step 1: Don’t Panic

Working with the right attorney in Clearwater can often help determine the outcome of your case. Time and again an initial fraud charge seems far more severe than what it actually is, and that undoubtedly strikes the nerves of many people. There are many times where the insurance fraud charge can be downgraded or minimized to a misdemeanor offense with the right legal representation. This not only helps to reduce the anxiety associated with the charges, but also helps us properly assess your case to devise the best plan of attack.

Step 2: Call Flint Law When Facing Insurance Fraud

We have seen that many of our clients faced with insurance fraud in Clearwater are not always fully aware of all of the details being thrown at them in court. The final ruling can greatly depend on complete knowledge of the subject matter, and may often be combatted with the right defense.

When someone does not have prior knowledge of such details, the legal process can be very overwhelming. Be sure to do your research and find the proper legal representation for insurance fraud in Clearwater so that your case and specific needs are met with utmost professionalism and experience. A free consultation with Flint Law Firm will show you that we mean business when it comes to defending the innocent.

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White Collar Crime Defense Attorney

If you have been accused of committing a white collar crime, you may be wondering if you need a white collar crime defense attorney. In St. Petersburg, individuals are often confident that they can escape any charges without the help of a professional, but depending on the charges, this may be incredibly difficult to do alone. Here are some examples of times it is in your absolute best interest to consult a professional.

When You Need A White Collar Crime Defense Attorney

The following charges are known for being more challenging to fight than some others are. Learn more about each and why an experienced white collar crime defense attorney in St. Petersburg is your best bet for overcoming the charges.


Embezzlement involves withholding or stealing funds or other assets from a company or employer. Going up against a major corporation when you have been accused of thievery is not for the faint of heart; however, with a skilled lawyer, who has experience in the St. Petersburg area and has dealt with similar cases, you may be able to get off with little to no harm done.


Whether it is tax, medical, or insurance fraud, trying to scam the system in your favor is a serious offense. A white collar crime defense attorney knows the in’s and out’s of the legal system and how to handle fraud cases. They will be able to recommend which documents, such as bills, bank statements, and invoices, you may need to back up your case.


If you have been accused of committing forgery, you need to arm yourself with the best defense possible. In all fifty states, forgery is punishable as a felony, and you could find yourself in prison.

Tax Evasion

Dealing with the IRS regarding any sort of criminal activity can be intimidating, but a trusted white collar crime defense attorney can help you field the pressure. You may be accused of misrepresenting your income, your deductibles, or even completely failing to pay your taxes. Be prepared to offer up documentation of past tax records and other forms that can help your case.


Whether it is one individual or an entire company in St. Petersburg, being accused of bribery is no small matter. Bribery comes in many shapes and forms, too, so defining your case and defending you are best left to a professional with experience in this realm.

Consult With a Professional at Flint Law, P.A.

The first thing you should do if you have been accused of a crime is to hire a seasoned lawyer that focuses on the area in which you are being accused. For St. Petersburg residents, contact the Flint Law, P.A. Our law firm has been working hard over the last twenty years to become a well-trusted, highly-successful firm where you can find a white collar crime defense attorney to assist you in your time of need. For more information or for a free consultation, contact us at 727-483-8404 today.

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Insurance fraud is a serious crime in Clearwater and across the state. You will need an excellent defense attorney to fend off charges of against you.

The term “insurance fraud” includes many different types of coverages, including car, rental, health and workers’ compensation. Throughout Florida, illegal activities are vigorously investigated and prosecuted.

Since there are many lawyers in Clearwater, there are several things you should keep in mind before hiring an attorney to defend you against charges:

  • Experience. Look for an expert specific to your charges. For instance, health insurance is vastly different from car protections, with different requirements and implications. To maximize your chances of winning your case, you need a lawyer specializing in cases like yours.
  • Fees. Fees for an attorney can range from $50 to $1,000 an hour. Your legal representation isn't a place to skimp; go with the best lawyer you can afford but make sure you research thoroughly first. A higher fee does not necessarily mean you will get a better lawyer.
  • Communication. You will be in constant contact with your lawyer, so make sure you feel heard and understood. A high level of trust between each of you is necessary for your attorney to make a strong case in your favor.
  • References. Too many people assume a lawyer is qualified without checking references. Ask what cases the lawyer successfully defended and request those clients’ contact information to get their perspective. Hearing their insights may make a huge difference in your opinion of that attorney.

Getting charged with insurance fraud is a serious matter with potentially long-lasting implications for your life. It is essential to find the most effective attorney possible in the Clearwater area to defend you and improve your chances of winning the case. 

Are You Facing Insurance Fraud Charges?

If you are facing insurance fraud charges, call an accomplished and reputable lawyer straight away. Flint Law, P.A. is a local attorney in Clearwater with nearly twenty years of experience.  Call us for a free consultation by dialing 727-483-8404.

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