DUI Attorney 64288041A DUI attorney at Flint Law Firm will help you fight your case if you are penalized for driving under the influence in St. Petersburg. However, you should be aware that although you have the right to remain silent, you do not also have the right to refuse a chemical test in the state of Florida.

When you received your driver’s license in St. Petersburg, you already consented to take a chemical test if and when a law enforcement officer has probable cause to believe that you are driving under the influence.

Many people who consult a DUI attorney after the matter were not aware that, upon receiving their driving privileges, they had agreed to the implied consent laws that exist in all US states.

What is Implied Consent?

The implied consent laws state that if you are lawfully arrested by a police enforcement officer due to sufficient probable cause that you are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, your consent to testing for drugs or alcohol is implied.

Choosing to say “no” will only lead to penalties, not a jail-free card in St. Petersburg.

What Happens If You Refuse to Consent?

If you decide to refuse to take a blood, breath, or urine test in the state of Florida, you will have to face the consequences. Your penalties will include a license suspension and for second or future offenses, you may be subject to serve jail time and other misdemeanor charges.

  • First Offense: your license is suspended for one year.
  • Second Offense: your license is suspended for 18 months (additional misdemeanor charges)
  • Third Offense: your license is suspended for 18 months (other misdemeanor charges)

If you are arrested for driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, refusing to comply with the implied consent laws is not a smart move in most cases. Instead, be sure to call an experienced DUI attorney.

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Instead of adding penalties to your St. Petersburg record, fight them with the help of your DUI attorney at Flint Law Firm. We have been dealing with DUI cases for almost twenty years and know how to give you the advice you need. Give us a call today to discuss your situation at 727-483-8404. 

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DUI Attorney St Petersburg

The state of Florida means serious business when it comes to driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. In fact, it is possible your first DUI conviction could land you several months in prison. However, in the St. Pete area, with an experienced DUI attorney by your side, your case can proceed as smoothly and straightforwardly as possible.

What Can a Lawyer Do for Me?

An experienced DUI attorney is familiar with the local court systems, the local laws, and with appropriate defenses, if necessary. Regulations and court systems vary greatly, depending on which part of the country you are in. For example, in the state of Florida, if you are convicted of three DUI’s within a 10-year period, it is considered a felony. When dealing with the court, being educated about and prepared to face the law will enable you to achieve the best possible outcome.

Still, DUI convictions in the Sunshine State are far from uncommon. According to the state’s Department of Motor Vehicle, there were 55,722 DUI tickets issued in 2011, alone. So, if you have been issued a ticket for driving under the influence, know you are not alone.

If You Drink and Drive in St. Pete, You Will Need a DUI Attorney

Should I plead guilty? What defenses can I take? What are the possible outcomes and penalties I am facing? These are questions and scenarios an experienced lawyer in St. Petersburg can walk you through.

Depending on the situation, a convincing DUI attorney in the St. Pete area may be able to negotiate with the prosecutor and lessen the intensity of your charge. Considering how detrimental and expensive a conviction can be, it is in your best interest to seek out a professional to provide “damage control” on your behalf.

Call Flint Law for Legal Guidance and Assistance Today

Scott Flint of Flint Law has been practicing law for 20 years, and is a member of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He has countless experience defending DUI charges in the state, and can work with you to produce the most effective, favorable defense in your circumstance. If you are considering, or looking for a DUI attorney in St. Petersburg, call Flint Law today at 727-483-8404 or fill out our contact form here.

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DUI Attorney Clearwater

If you have recently been charged with driving under the influence in Clearwater, you may be asking yourself,

“Do I really need a DUI attorney? Isn't this something I can handle on my own?”

There is no universal answer to this question, as it varies case by case. However, there are some things you should be aware of, which may help guide your decision. If you are questioning your need for a lawyer, consider the following:

Is It Your First Offense?

If your recent arrest was your first offense, you might not need a DUI attorney. There are people in Clearwater who choose to forgo a lawyer and simply show up to their court date, plead guilty, and accept their punishment. However, if this is a repeat offense, you are at the mercy of the court, and they do not look fondly upon repeat offenders. In this case, you may be facing serious charges like:

  • Several years of jail time
  • Heavy fines
  • Loss of your license for multiple years

In this case, it is in your best interest to hire a DUI attorney in Clearwater who may be able to help you reduce the charges.

Are You of Age?

If you are under the legal drinking age of 21, you face the same penalties as legal drinkers, and might even receive harsher punishment for compounding illegal acts. Underage drinking is a serious offense and can lead to many problems later on down the road. Many employers require DUI/DWI offenses, whether misdemeanors or felonies, to be recorded on job applications. Not only that, but the offender risks losing their freedom to drive as well as free time; they may be required to perform long hours of community service.

Was Anyone Else Involved?

If there were an accident and you were arrested for driving under the influence, there would several resulting complication. Dealing with insurance companies, other lawyers, and the legal system is complicated. To help you reach the best possible result, consulting with a DUI attorney in Clearwater is your best chance. If anyone was hurt or killed in the accident, you are at risk for being charged with a felony, and an even more serious one if this is not your first offense. Having the assistance of an experienced lawyer may lead to a reduced sentence. Otherwise, you accept the charges as they are and plead guilty.

Consult a Professional DUI Attorney — Call Flint Law, PA

Flint Law, PA has been assisting Clearwater residents with their DUI and DWI charges for many years. We strive to help our clients achieve the best results possible in court. By consulting with a professional DUI attorney, you may be able to reduce your sentence and consequences from being arrested for impaired driving. The best thing to do is to never drink and drive, but if you need help, call us today at 727-483-8404.

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If you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence in Clearwater, don’t wait any longer to hire a DUI attorney! Once you’ve been arrested it can be very easy to get overwhelmed and start panicking about your future. However, the best way to ensure your future is bright is to hire a skilled lawyer. They will be able to negotiate plea bargains on your behalf, interview witnesses, and attempt to have the charges reduced, all before you ever go to court.

The Confirmation Bias

When the police pull you over, they are already under the impression you are intoxicated, which can lead them to attribute everything you do as something an intoxicated person would do. This confirmation bias occurs when a person’s beliefs or expectations unconsciously affect the way they interpret information. Simply put, people will see what they are expecting to see. This can unfortunately lead to the police interpreting the results of the field sobriety tests in such a way that leads to you being arrested for drunk driving. Hiring an experienced DUI attorney in Clearwater will ensure that you are treated civilly and that you receive the fairest outcome possible.

Flint Law

Some people are under the impression that private DUI attorneys in Clearwater are too expensive, and the best way to save money is to stick with the public defender. Others believe that since they were innocent, they don’t need a lawyer. Regardless of which category you fit into, hiring a lawyer will only help you. Public defenders will have a heavy case load whereas a private lawyer like Scott Flint will have the time and staff to solely dedicate to your case.

Scott Flint has the knowledge and skills necessary to build a strong case for you and to negotiate plea bargains or have the charges reduced. Not hiring a lawyer is a gamble, and when it comes to your future, you don’t want to take chances. For someone that is well-versed in both local and state laws, hire Flint Law Firm as your Clearwater DUI attorney. For more information, or to schedule a free consultation, call us today at 727-483-8404.

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When searching for a DUI attorney in the St. Petersburg area there are a few aspects to consider. First and foremost, you want to make sure that the person representing you has experience with DUI cases specifically. Important aspects to consider when searching include:

  • The number of cases handled
  • The number of years experience with DUIs
  • The level of courtroom experience
  • The ability to understand fully the facts peculiar to your case

No two cases are alike. A reliable and experienced lawyer will help guide you through the stressful and overwhelming process to make sure you are getting the best possible legal advice with respect to your specific case. 

Is your attorney familiar with laws pertaining to your area?

In Florida, driving after consuming alcoholic beverages, ingesting certain household chemicals, or taking controlled substances such as prescription medications or marijuana could lead to a DUI arrest if your normal faculties are impaired. You do not necessarily have to consume alcohol and blow above a .08 to be arrested for a DUI. A reliable DUI attorney in the St. Pete area will be familiar with the laws and procedures related to both the administrative licensing process of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles as well as the criminal aspects of your case. He or she should know the possible penalties and have the ability to navigate the sometimes complex process of bringing a DUI case to conclusion. Laws and court cases interpreting those laws often change and your attorney should be up-to-date and familiar with cases and law pertaining to both the criminal aspect of a DUI and the administrative rules and procedures relating to driver license suspension.

Is your attorney aware of the defenses working in your favor?

An experienced and trustworthy DUI attorney in the St. Pete area is aware of the cases that work in your favor. If you are advised to plead guilty immediately, it may be time to reconsider whom you chose to represent you. A dependable attorney is aware that possible defenses include insufficient evidence of impairment or that you were in actual physical control of a vehicle while impaired, improper or unconstitutional stops, and the possibility of excluding inculpatory statements, field sobriety exercises, or breath test results. Although there are no guarantees, an attorney could get your charge reduced to reckless or careless driving. 

If you are arrested and accused of a DUI, then consulting with an experienced attorney is crucial. The legal, emotional, and financial trauma is difficult to deal with on your own. Don't go it alone. Contacting someone who is prepared to defend you vigorously and help you through the criminal process will help ease your mind. Call Scott Flint today for a free consultation: 727-483-8404

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