Best Criminal Defense Attorney in St. Pete You should not take chances when facing criminal charges in St. Petersburg— your life, or at least a portion of your life, may be redeemed when you have the best criminal defense attorney on your side.

So how do you know who to hire? Pay attention to the following characteristics when choosing your representative:


This one goes without saying— the best criminal defense attorney in St. Petersburg has ample experience. Many legal nuances can only be learned through years of practice. Intuition is one of them— you do not simply acquire it in law school. Seek out a lawyer that has experience dealing with situations similar to yours; previously going down this path will arm them with intuitive knowledge and sharper insight to assist you.

Analytical Skills

Sharp analytical skills are an inseparable part of building a strong justification. Your lawyer must be a person who can use logical thinking to conceptualize, visualize, and articulate each aspect of your situation. The right advocate will be capable of solving problems that seem impossible to solve by using logic and problem solving abilities.  

Creative reasoning

Not only is logical and systematic thinking a must— creative reasoning takes logic to the next level. This higher level of reasoning is used by the best criminal defense attorney to tie together solid facts with the nature of reality to build the strongest case for your protection.

Understanding of Florida State Law

If you are convicted in St. Petersburg, your lawyer should be well versed in Florida State Law. Choosing a representative within your jurisdiction guarantees that they have relationships with the local judges, law firms, police officers, and many of the others involved in your case. They act confidently, knowing what to expect from others involved, what they are permitted to do legally, and will have the experience to analyze your situation realistically based on other similar cases in St. Petersburg.

Get the Best Criminal Defense Attorney at Flint Law Firm

Flint Law Firm offers you the experience, analytical skills, creative reasoning, and understanding of Florida State Law that you will need to build a strong case. The best criminal defense attorney will help to ease some of the anxiety and relieve the pressure you are facing, call us to discuss your situation at 727-483-8404.

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Prostitution Defense Lawyer

Prostitution is considered illegal and actions are taken to eliminate it for several reasons: to reduce the exploitation of woman, to decrease crimes that may be associated with prostitution, to protect and defend minors, and in order to prevent the spread of STD’s. The safety and health of the public is the number one concern when it comes to crimes of prostitution. However, if you feel you have been wrongly accused or have cause to reduce your sentence, it is important to select a defense lawyer with significant experience. Scott Flint of Flint Law Firm in St. Petersburg has the familiarity to ensure that your rights are protected and that your case is given the attention it deserves.

Florida Laws on Prostitution

In the state of Florida, it is illegal to:

  • Keep or reside in a house of prostitution.
  • Lease a home for prostitution.
  • Attain a person to travel for the purpose of prostitution.
  • Bring an individual into a location for prostitution.
  • Direct a minor to or to sanction a minor to enter a house of prostitution.
  • Take a person against their will for prostitution.

If you are caught committing any of these acts, it is in your best interest to hire a defense lawyer in St. Petersburg to defend your case.

Penalty for Prostitution

Customers and prostitutes are often given misdemeanors. However, pimping and pandering are considered felonies. Charges range from a $500.00 fine and 60 days in prison to a $10,000 fine and a 30-year sentence behind bars.

Actions that are taken automatically include registration as a sex offender, STD testing and treatment, which is required before the accused may be released, and job loss if the individual works as a teacher or educator. No jobs that involve teaching or education may then be obtained in the future.

When is it in Your Favor to Hire a Defense Lawyer?

We want to ensure the best possible outcome for your unique state of affairs. It is therefore important for you to understand when it is in your best interest to hire a defense lawyer in St. Petersburg.


  1. First offenses can result in dismissal of charges. Once dismissed you may be eligible for record expunge or seal.
  2. Common defenses to prostitution charges are that sexual goings-on or offers were consensual and did not incorporate money. Cases are very fact specific and entail a detailed analysis of your individual charge.

Contact the Flint Law Office in St. Petersburg, Florida at (727) 483-8404 to speak with a defense lawyer and to ensure that you have a clear and concise understanding of your rights in your particular case. Do not settle when it comes to your defense.

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White Collar Crime Defense Attorney

If you have been accused of committing a white collar crime, you may be wondering if you need a white collar crime defense attorney. In St. Petersburg, individuals are often confident that they can escape any charges without the help of a professional, but depending on the charges, this may be incredibly difficult to do alone. Here are some examples of times it is in your absolute best interest to consult a professional.

When You Need A White Collar Crime Defense Attorney

The following charges are known for being more challenging to fight than some others are. Learn more about each and why an experienced white collar crime defense attorney in St. Petersburg is your best bet for overcoming the charges.


Embezzlement involves withholding or stealing funds or other assets from a company or employer. Going up against a major corporation when you have been accused of thievery is not for the faint of heart; however, with a skilled lawyer, who has experience in the St. Petersburg area and has dealt with similar cases, you may be able to get off with little to no harm done.


Whether it is tax, medical, or insurance fraud, trying to scam the system in your favor is a serious offense. A white collar crime defense attorney knows the in’s and out’s of the legal system and how to handle fraud cases. They will be able to recommend which documents, such as bills, bank statements, and invoices, you may need to back up your case.


If you have been accused of committing forgery, you need to arm yourself with the best defense possible. In all fifty states, forgery is punishable as a felony, and you could find yourself in prison.

Tax Evasion

Dealing with the IRS regarding any sort of criminal activity can be intimidating, but a trusted white collar crime defense attorney can help you field the pressure. You may be accused of misrepresenting your income, your deductibles, or even completely failing to pay your taxes. Be prepared to offer up documentation of past tax records and other forms that can help your case.


Whether it is one individual or an entire company in St. Petersburg, being accused of bribery is no small matter. Bribery comes in many shapes and forms, too, so defining your case and defending you are best left to a professional with experience in this realm.

Consult With a Professional at Flint Law, P.A.

The first thing you should do if you have been accused of a crime is to hire a seasoned lawyer that focuses on the area in which you are being accused. For St. Petersburg residents, contact the Flint Law, P.A. Our law firm has been working hard over the last twenty years to become a well-trusted, highly-successful firm where you can find a white collar crime defense attorney to assist you in your time of need. For more information or for a free consultation, contact us at 727-483-8404 today.

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