If you have been arrested, you are probably already considering your trial and who you will want to have defending you. You may be trying to decide between a private criminal defense attorney and a public defender. Scott Flint of Flint Law in St. Petersburg has years of experience with criminal cases, and is ready to help with yours. When choosing between a private attorney and a public defender, keep in mind that there are major differences between the two:

Public Defender

Public defenders are employed by the government, and do not normally receive any compensation for taking your specific case. They typically have a very heavy load and are unable to dedicate large amounts of time to one specific case, but rather must divide their time evenly throughout their cases. Public defense positions are also popular among law school graduates, which may lead to your defender not having much experience in a court room. Limited funds for public defenders also means a lack of resources for your case, as well as limited tools used to build your defense.

Private Attorney

While the cost of a private attorney is higher, the reward is higher within the court room. Criminal defense attorneys like Scott Flint have many years of courtroom experience and are familiar with creating a case for a criminal trial. Another point to consider is that a private attorney can help with all aspects of your charge, including civil or administrative matters, such as different court hearings that are applicable to your case. A private attorney will also have a team of well-trained assistants help with your case, so you know that every detail of your case will be thoroughly examined by a professional.

When deciding on your legal team, consider a criminal defense attorney like Scott Flint with Flint Law in St. Petersburg. Scott has been practicing law for over 18 years and has experience with a variety of different trials, as well as being a member of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. For more information about how Flint Law can help build a defense for your case, call us today at (727) 483-8404 for a free consultation.

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Flint Law is ready to stand up for you when you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer in St. Petersburg. Fighting a criminal charge can be nerve-racking, scary, and disheartening. Contacting an attorney should be the first thing you do after being arrested or if you are suspicious of being investigated. A lawyer can take some of the pressure off of you while also protecting your rights, giving you legal advice, and help you to fight your charge every step of the way.

Attorneys are incredibly well-versed in law and give you a much better chance at having your case dropped or your penalties reduced. Having spent a great amount of time in the courtroom, an attorney is going to have better knowledge of the process and areas of focus. Therefore, it is wise to have legal counsel defend and represent you in court.

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