Criminal Law Firm | St PetersburgDishonesty. Lies. Unfortunately, these are not uncommon occurrences nowadays. Whether it is forgery, or fraud, lying can lead to severe legal consequences. A firm that is well established in the fundamentals of this aspect of the legal system in St. Petersburg will deal with many complex matters revolving around dishonesty. If you are convicted of a crime that falls into this rather broad category, can help you build your defense.

What are Offenses of Dishonesty?

Dishonesty offenses can include those crimes which disobey the Theft Act and the Fraud Act. Our legal system is taxed with new transgressions, and to deal with the evolving situations, the definitions and regulations are constantly in flux.

The Theft Act of 1968

The Theft Act of 1968 started off as a legal statute to protect from people permanently taking another person’s property, but now includes violations centered on property rights. Infringing on another person’s property rights is a violation of the Theft Act. What makes it even more complicated for a firm is that a person may be tried for intending theft.

What is classified as theft?

  • Depriving another person of property.
  • Undermining the security of another person’s property interests even when the actual property is not taken. This includes hacking, password spying, and so on.
  • Manipulating information that may result in the financial gain or loss of another.

The Fraud Act of 2006

The Fraud Act of 2006 centers around the violation of making a false representation for intended gain or loss. If you have are convicted of violating the Fraud Act, you will need an active firm on your side because of how intricately the limits of this crime must be approached.

What classifies as fraud?

  • involving property depravation or false representation in business settings.
  • Briberies
  • Financial, accounting, and banking violations

Offenses revolving around dishonesty can become a nightmare for those who are convicted. This is particularly true when dealing with violations on an intellectual level, which may involve international involvement and substantial finances in St. Petersburg. A firm who has handled a large variety of dishonesty violations will tell you that every case is a fight.

Flint Firm Can Help You with Your Dishonesty Violation

If you have an accusation centered on dishonesty, do not leave your future to chance, and choose an attorney from a respectable firm in St. Petersburg. has almost 20 years of experience helping St. Petersburg area citizens with their legal issues. We stay up to date with the fluctuations in the rules and regulations and can help you understand where you stand. Give a call at 727-483-8404. We are here for you.

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criminal law firmWhen looking for a St. Petersburg based criminal law firm, you may not know the right questions to ask or even where to look initially. The information below should provide you with a general sense of how to prepare yourself for this search and what the most important questions to ask are.

The right criminal law firm in St. Petersburg should be more than open to any questions from you, so you should not feel intimidated when it comes to your consultation.

Criminal Law Firm Experience Matters

Does the criminal law firm in St. Petersburg have experience dealing with this area of law? If the answer is no, then this is an immediate red flag. You want legal representation that has a dedicated team with the experience to match. Rather than having a junior associate with no prior experience take on your account, you want —and deserve— a seasoned legal professional to help you in all aspects of the law. This helps you best understand the severity of the case and what, if any, sentence will come out of the court hearings.

Helping You Get On Track

Are they dedicated to fully protecting your constitutional rights? The Constitution was written for a reason and should always be taken into account if you are being faced with a criminal law charge. The right law firm in St. Petersburg will have a keen understanding of your rights and will properly educate you on them.

Flint Law Firm – Experience Is On Your Side

Does the firm examine all actions and evidence of law enforcement? This is another essential question to ask, because in certain cases there may be procedural errors, which can benefit you. Be sure to bring this up so that your case is attended to with professionalism and experience to match. There can major implications stemming from the initial charge, so be sure to ask the right questions to get the most out of your criminal law firm.

At Flint Law Firm, we are dedicated to helping our clients until the end of the line. Call today for a free consultation at 727-483-8404.

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