Representation during criminal defense proceedings in Clearwater is critical for those who have been charged with a criminal act. Hiring a qualified attorney can be the difference between a guilty and not guilty outcome. Even if the charges are minor, you will need to consult a lawyer in order to better understand the charges and possible defense tactics, know if you are able to receive a plea bargain, and learn what will happen if you are convicted. A defense attorney will ensure their client is given all of the protections provided by the law.

Many people believe that they have a basic knowledge of the court system, thanks to various courtroom television dramas. Unfortunately, there are many things that go on behind the scenes that only an experienced lawyer are capable of handling.

Here is what your criminal defense lawyer in Clearwater can do for you before and during trial:

  • Instruct you on what to say if you are questioned by investigators
  • Motion to convince the court to drop your case, or reduce charges due to insufficient evidence or improper procedure
  • Motion to exclude witnesses that the defense believe to be mistaken
  • Motion to exclude evidence obtained without a warrant
  • Fight on your behalf for reduced or waived bail
  • Negotiate plea bargains
  • Analyze your case and search for possible strengths and weaknesses to develop a strategy
  • Discuss with you the pros and cons of pleading guilty if a plea bargain was discussed
  • Select the best jury for your case
  • Find expert witnesses

If you are unhappy with the outcome, they will also assist in filing appeals on your behalf.

If you are charged with a criminal act, or believe you may be under investigation for one, do not wait to call a criminal defense lawyer in Clearwater. You may be tempted to save money and just represent yourself, but this can be a grave mistake.

Here at Flint Law, we have experience defending most crimes, and will give you the best criminal defense in Clearwater in order to make sure that you receive a fair trial. If you, or someone you know needs a defense attorney, call us today for a free consultation at 727-483-8404.

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