Being accused of committing an act such as fraud is a serious allegation, and if you have been accused of trying to swindle Medicare, you will want to arm yourself with a fraud defense attorney in Clearwater who knows what they are doing. This is no time to give a rookie a chance or to try to solve things on your own. The government has taken extra measures to combat health care fraud, and while this is a noble cause, they sometimes take it a bit too far. HEAT (the Health Care Fraud Prevention and Enforcement Action Team) was created to combat fraudulent acts in the world of health care, and they mean business.

Being threatened with jail or prison time for one missed bill or because your insurance was billed for a service you didnt get? It seems extreme, especially given that it may not have been your fault. When you need help facing this threat, give a seasoned lawyer in Clearwater a call.

What a Fraud Defense Attorney Needs You to Know

When discussing your legal issues with a fraud defense attorney, you will want to be sure to keep track of all forms, documents, bills, and other papers that you have gathered over the course of your medical treatment. In Clearwater, many individuals tend to just submit insurance claims without looking at them in detail. You may accidentally be submitting something that is not completely factual and, whether it was intentional or not, HEAT will prosecute fraud committers.

To protect yourself from being accused of fraudulent acts, there are some actions that a fraud defense attorney in Clearwater may advise you to take.

1. Keep track of all your records. This includes bills paid, services rendered, and any communications you have had with Medicare-related entities such as insurance companies and doctors.

2. Pay attention to bills. Ensure that there are not any accidental charges or incorrect billings located on the statement. Scammers may try to bill something twice or upcharge for a procedure.

3. Double and triple check with providers. Contact your medical care specialists and ask about your visit history. Also, be sure to obtain a copy of your records that indicate what procedures or treatments you have actually received.

If anything seems off, such as a medical procedure you never got, or a prescription you never took, contact a fraud defense attorney before you are accused of trying to scam Medicare.

Contact Flint Law Firm Right Away

If you have been accused of Medicare fraud or you have noticed something off with your medical records, contact a fraud defense attorney in Clearwater right away. You may be able to prevent criminal acts and protect yourself from being prosecuted. At Flint Law Firm, we have been helping Tampa Bay area clients with their legal needs for over twenty years. When you need help protecting yourself against fraud charges, call us at 727-483-8404.

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best DUI attorney When you are facing a DUI charge in Clearwater, there is probably a lot on your mind. From “How am I going to get my license back?” to “Will I go to jail?” there are many questions you may be asking. The most helpful individual during this time of uncertainty is a lawyer. The best DUI attorney for you will be one that answers your questions, makes you feel at ease, and is willing to work hard on your behalf.

Answering All of Your Questions

The best DUI attorney for you will be willing and able to answer any and all questions you have regarding your situation. They should be prepared to discuss everything with you and need to be upfront and open. After all, your fate may lie in their hands. When you’re consulting with a potential lawyer in Clearwater, ask questions like:

  • How long have you been practicing criminal law?
  • What experience have you had with cases like mine?
  • Do you have a good rate of success?
  • Do your cases often go to trial?
  • How many DUI clients do you typically represent in a year?

Amongst a plethora of others, the right lawyer will have satisfactory answers to all of these questions.

A Comfortable, Competent Presence

If you meet with a potential lawyer in Clearwater and do not feel comfortable with them, they may not be the best DUI attorney for you. You do not have to become the best of friends, as your relationship is professional, but you should not have a nagging feeling in your gut that does not feel right to you. Do they seem competent? Are they always on time, respectful of your situation, and open with you about your circumstances? Or do they make you feel like a burden or afterthought, and make you feel like you would be better off defending yourself? It is important to trust your intuition and feeling comfortable with your lawyer is of the utmost importance.

Working Hard to Fight for You

You are the driving force in your attorney-client relationship. You are seeking out the best DUI attorney in Clearwater because you are facing charges and want to maintain your freedom and avoid penalty. Anyone you hire to defend you in the legal system should absolutely be willing to work hard to ensure that you are given the best chance possible at a positive outcome. If you sense any slacking or lack of follow up on their part, you may want to cut the tie.

Flint Law - When You Need the Best DUI Attorney

At Flint Law, P.A., we take every case our clients bring to us seriously and treat them with respect. In times of trouble, you need someone to count on to help you out, and we strive to be that aid. When you need the best DUI attorney in Clearwater, call Flint Law. We’ve got your back.

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white collar crime defenseIn the past, clients in Clearwater have come to us without a full understanding of what exactly white collar crime defense is. For the untrained ear, it can sound like the name of a show that used to be on TV. In reality though, this could not be further from the truth. White collar crime refers to financially-motivated, nonviolent criminal actions that are committed by professionals within business or government fields. The person committing the crime is typically in a higher social status than most, when compared to other colleagues within the same occupation.

What is the Difference Between White Collar Crime and Corporate Crime?

There is no essential difference, as white collar crime is often referred to as corporate crime. This is just a standard facet of the law, but there are many more intricate areas that should only be handled by an experienced white collar crime defense attorney. Some examples of the types of cases we have worked with in Clearwater include:

  • Fraud
  • Bribery
  • Counterfeiting
  • Embezzlement
  • Money laundering

Each type of infraction carries different penalties, and without the proper representation, they can sometimes escalate. This can mean the difference between paying a fine or spending time in prison, if you happen to be convicted of a white collar crime.

The plethora of government agencies that investigate such crimes include the FBI, the Postal Service, IRS and many others, just to name a few. When dealing with such large agencies it can be very overwhelming, especially if you do not consult the proper white collar crime defense in Clearwater.

Flint Law Firm – Your White Collar Crime Defense Professionals

In some cases, it can take over a year or even several years to come to a final verdict. Going it alone is not recommended for someone without proper knowledge of white collar crime defense. Find the right legal representation to help you in this troubling time. Flint Law Firm is dedicated to helping our clients in Clearwater reach a satisfying verdict and we work tirelessly to bring you the experience and assistance you need. Call today for more information and a free consultation.

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insurance fraud

What to do When Faced with Insurance Fraud in Clearwater

Many times clients come to us not knowing where to start when facing charges of fraudulence in Clearwater. The two types of insurance fraud we typically see are hard fraud and soft fraud, with the latter being more common. It is imperative that your legal representation has experience with both types of insurance fraud to be able to take on your case sufficiently. There is a considerable difference between the two, so be sure that your legal counsel is able to distinguish between them and draw up a plan of action for how to best pursue your case.

Step 1: Don’t Panic

Working with the right attorney in Clearwater can often help determine the outcome of your case. Time and again an initial fraud charge seems far more severe than what it actually is, and that undoubtedly strikes the nerves of many people. There are many times where the insurance fraud charge can be downgraded or minimized to a misdemeanor offense with the right legal representation. This not only helps to reduce the anxiety associated with the charges, but also helps us properly assess your case to devise the best plan of attack.

Step 2: Call Flint Law When Facing Insurance Fraud

We have seen that many of our clients faced with insurance fraud in Clearwater are not always fully aware of all of the details being thrown at them in court. The final ruling can greatly depend on complete knowledge of the subject matter, and may often be combatted with the right defense.

When someone does not have prior knowledge of such details, the legal process can be very overwhelming. Be sure to do your research and find the proper legal representation for insurance fraud in Clearwater so that your case and specific needs are met with utmost professionalism and experience. A free consultation with Flint Law Firm will show you that we mean business when it comes to defending the innocent.

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DUI Attorney Clearwater

If you have recently been charged with driving under the influence in Clearwater, you may be asking yourself,

“Do I really need a DUI attorney? Isn't this something I can handle on my own?”

There is no universal answer to this question, as it varies case by case. However, there are some things you should be aware of, which may help guide your decision. If you are questioning your need for a lawyer, consider the following:

Is It Your First Offense?

If your recent arrest was your first offense, you might not need a DUI attorney. There are people in Clearwater who choose to forgo a lawyer and simply show up to their court date, plead guilty, and accept their punishment. However, if this is a repeat offense, you are at the mercy of the court, and they do not look fondly upon repeat offenders. In this case, you may be facing serious charges like:

  • Several years of jail time
  • Heavy fines
  • Loss of your license for multiple years

In this case, it is in your best interest to hire a DUI attorney in Clearwater who may be able to help you reduce the charges.

Are You of Age?

If you are under the legal drinking age of 21, you face the same penalties as legal drinkers, and might even receive harsher punishment for compounding illegal acts. Underage drinking is a serious offense and can lead to many problems later on down the road. Many employers require DUI/DWI offenses, whether misdemeanors or felonies, to be recorded on job applications. Not only that, but the offender risks losing their freedom to drive as well as free time; they may be required to perform long hours of community service.

Was Anyone Else Involved?

If there were an accident and you were arrested for driving under the influence, there would several resulting complication. Dealing with insurance companies, other lawyers, and the legal system is complicated. To help you reach the best possible result, consulting with a DUI attorney in Clearwater is your best chance. If anyone was hurt or killed in the accident, you are at risk for being charged with a felony, and an even more serious one if this is not your first offense. Having the assistance of an experienced lawyer may lead to a reduced sentence. Otherwise, you accept the charges as they are and plead guilty.

Consult a Professional DUI Attorney — Call Flint Law, PA

Flint Law, PA has been assisting Clearwater residents with their DUI and DWI charges for many years. We strive to help our clients achieve the best results possible in court. By consulting with a professional DUI attorney, you may be able to reduce your sentence and consequences from being arrested for impaired driving. The best thing to do is to never drink and drive, but if you need help, call us today at 727-483-8404.

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Credit Card Fraud Attorney

Credit card debt. Three words that mean a load of trouble. Clearwater residents are not immune to scams related to credit card debt and fraud, but with the right fraud attorney, you may be able to recover some of your losses.

Credit Card Fraud Is Real But Be Wary of Fake Debt Collectors

If you receive a phone call from an unknown number claiming to be a representative of your credit card company, do not give out your personal information. If they are from a legitimate collection agency, they will already have your name and address. They should also be able to tell you the name, address, and phone number of the company they work for. If anything is amiss when you ask them, hang up and contact a fraud attorney. Fake credit card debt collectors can be very convincing and use numerous techniques to draw information out from you.

Defend Yourself Against Fraud

Another way to arm yourself against credit card fraud is to ask the caller to recite the last four digits of your social security number. If the caller is legitimate, they will not provide your social, because to do so is a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Don’t hesitate to ask a fraud attorney in Clearwater how the FDCPA works in your favor. Also, pay attention to the time the phone rings; under this FTC-led Act, debt collectors cannot call you at an unusual time. Before 8 am or after 9 pm is assumed to be an inconvenient time for most, but if you work a late shift and are frequently asleep in the afternoon, for example, then they cannot call you at that time. They will (or should) know based on your records that indicate your profession when you’d be available.

Contact a Fraud Attorney and Play It Safe

With the help of a seasoned fraud attorney, you may be able to avoid falling prey to credit card debt scammers, and other sources of fraud. At Flint Law, P.A. we’ve seen too many Clearwater residents falling for these fraudulent scams. When something does not seem right, contact us, and we can help guide you through a potential situation. For your legal needs in Clearwater, we are Flint Law, P.A.

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When you are looking for a white collar crime lawyer to defend you, you want to be sure that you have someone who has the intellect, experience, and dedication to see you through the process. Your representation in court can mean the difference between a fine and doing jail time. If you’ve been accused of a crime such as identity theft or forgery in Clearwater, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Hiring the Right White Collar Crime Lawyer

The first thing you need to consider when looking for a white collar crime lawyer in Clearwater is their experience. When you approach a firm with a case, you should be able to ask them any questions, regarding their legal experience, and expect to receive a truthful answer. Examples of questions you can (and should) ask include:

  • Where did you receive your law education?

  • What experience do you have defending those accused of the same crime as me?

  • How long have you been practicing law?

  • Tell me about your relationship with the prosecutor’s office.

  • Do you attempt to resolve cases out of court with mediation?

  • Will you be available to me throughout the duration of the case?

These questions will give you a sense of the white collar crime lawyer you are considering hiring and how they conduct business in Clearwater.

Your Case

By going over the case against you with a white collar crime lawyer, you will be able to discern whether their firm is right for you. In most cases, attorney-client privilege protects you even if you do not choose to go forward and hire that particular attorney. You shouldn’t feel trapped or stuck with one firm in Clearwater just because you shared information related to your case with one of the attorneys. Do, however, always exhibit caution and clarify that everything you are about to discuss is protected by attorney-client privilege. If you’re consulting with a lawyer and they ultimately decline to take your case, and you continue to share information with them, that, however, is a different story. When you are put in the position where you are being accused of a crime, it is always best to demonstrate caution and discretion when discussing the matter.

Talk To Flint Law, P.A. Today

When you need a white collar crime lawyer in Clearwater, contact Flint Law, P.A.  We can help you determine the strength of your case, what your legal options are, and more. The process could become confusing and lengthy, so having the assistance of a professional is essential if you want to have the best chance. Visit our firm or call 727-483-8404 today to discuss how Flint Law, P.A. can help you.

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Insurance fraud is a serious crime in Clearwater and across the state. You will need an excellent defense attorney to fend off charges of against you.

The term “insurance fraud” includes many different types of coverages, including car, rental, health and workers’ compensation. Throughout Florida, illegal activities are vigorously investigated and prosecuted.

Since there are many lawyers in Clearwater, there are several things you should keep in mind before hiring an attorney to defend you against charges:

  • Experience. Look for an expert specific to your charges. For instance, health insurance is vastly different from car protections, with different requirements and implications. To maximize your chances of winning your case, you need a lawyer specializing in cases like yours.
  • Fees. Fees for an attorney can range from $50 to $1,000 an hour. Your legal representation isn't a place to skimp; go with the best lawyer you can afford but make sure you research thoroughly first. A higher fee does not necessarily mean you will get a better lawyer.
  • Communication. You will be in constant contact with your lawyer, so make sure you feel heard and understood. A high level of trust between each of you is necessary for your attorney to make a strong case in your favor.
  • References. Too many people assume a lawyer is qualified without checking references. Ask what cases the lawyer successfully defended and request those clients’ contact information to get their perspective. Hearing their insights may make a huge difference in your opinion of that attorney.

Getting charged with insurance fraud is a serious matter with potentially long-lasting implications for your life. It is essential to find the most effective attorney possible in the Clearwater area to defend you and improve your chances of winning the case. 

Are You Facing Insurance Fraud Charges?

If you are facing insurance fraud charges, call an accomplished and reputable lawyer straight away. Flint Law, P.A. is a local attorney in Clearwater with nearly twenty years of experience.  Call us for a free consultation by dialing 727-483-8404.

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If you find yourself needing a criminal law defense lawyer in Clearwater, the biggest question on your mind is probably how to find someone that will win your case. Innocent, or guilty, it doesn’t matter; all you need is to find an attorney that promises they can win your case, right? Wrong. Being charged with a crime is a big deal, and it takes hard work and dedication to build a solid case. Regardless of what the evidence says, no quality attorney will ever promise you an innocent verdict as there is no sure way to win a court case. So, when you need a lawyer, instead of looking for one that makes false promises, know how to distinguish the good from the bad.

How to Avoid a Bad Lawyer

Here in Clearwater, there are plenty of criminal law defense lawyers to choose from; so what can you do to find one that will work as hard as they can in order for you to receive the fairest outcome possible? Know what warning signs to look for:

  1. Unreturned phone calls or emails. Maybe they are too busy, or maybe they aren’t sure what to do next. Regardless, you want to hire an attorney that will make you a top priority.
  2. Missed deadlines. When it comes to court filing deadlines, you want a criminal law defense lawyer that turns your paperwork in early, not late. Missing important deadlines will only hurt your case.
  3. Unclear billing system. Your legal bills should clearly explain what tasks were completed and by whom. All charges should be plainly labeled.
  4. Failure to agree on written price. Before you hire a criminal law defense lawyer, you both should agree on their fee, and put it in writing. This will save you from hidden, or unexpected, fees down the line.
  5. Unpleasant attitude. While you want someone professional, you don’t want to hire a Clearwater lawyer that is rude, or unpleasant. You should feel completely comfortable with them. Your future is in the hands of this person, and trust is key.

When you hire a quality and professional criminal law defense lawyer like Scott Flint in Clearwater, you can rest assured that you will receive the fairest outcome possible. As someone that is very familiar with the local legal system, Scott is comfortable negotiating with prosecutors for plea bargains or lesser charges. He is committed to protecting your rights, and you can have the peace of mind knowing that the entire firm of Flint Law will be working on your behalf. For more information, or to schedule a free consultation, call Flint Law Firm today at 727-483-8404.

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If you’ve been arrested for a crime in Clearwater, you want to know you have the best criminal defense lawyer on your side. Criminal charges can be severe and far-reaching, which is why you need someone who has courtroom experience and knows the local court well. Most attorneys will offer free consultations in order for you to meet with them before they represent you. Don’t be afraid to ask the important questions, they hold your future in their hands!

Tips on how to hire the best criminal defense lawyer in Clearwater:

  • Ask around. Ask your friends or family if they have had a good experience with anyone. If you know a lawyer that does not specialize in criminal law, you can still ask them if they would refer anyone.
  • Find someone with sufficient courtroom experience. You don’t want to be their first case in the courtroom; you want an attorney that has tried cases like yours before, and won.
  • Ask them details of what they can do for you. Ask about pre-trial motions, or what angle they can take on your case. You want someone with a plan.
  • Avoid absolutes. If you meet with a criminal defense lawyer in Clearwater that promises you will not be convicted, then that person is lying. No good attorney can make a promise like that.
  • Above all, make sure you feel comfortable with them. You will be working closely with this person for at least the next few months. You want to feel comfortable that they will diligently work on your case to ensure you get the fairest trial possible.

If you hire Scott Flint as your criminal defense lawyer in Clearwater, you can feel sure that you are in the best hands possible. As a local lawyer, with years of courtroom experience, he is well versed in the local court’s practices, and personally knows many prosecutors and law officers in the area. While we will never guarantee an outcome, when you hire Flint Law, you hire someone that will do everything possible to get you the best outcome. For more information, or to schedule a free consultation, call us today at 727-483-8404.

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