When it comes to white collar crimes, hiring a defense attorney with experience in dealing with such offenses is a must. Scott Flint of Flint Law in St. Petersburg is very familiar with white collar crime defense and can help you build a case for yourself in the event that you are charged. If you aren’t sure if you need a defense attorney with knowledge about financially motivated crimes, here are some ways that specific experience can help your case:

Court Room Experience

White collar investigations can be a long process, lasting anywhere from a few months to even a few years. Having a white collar crime defense attorney can be helpful, especially when they understand the time commitment that is necessary for a case dealing with these kinds of investigations. Scott Flint worked with the Attorney General’s office, handling Medicaid Fraud cases before opening his own St. Petersburg practice.  He has worked on many financial related cases and is extremely experienced in this particular field.

Knowledge of Crimes

It is important that your attorney has a clear knowledge of what kinds of allegations are considered white collar so your case can be built effectively. Here are some types of executive crimes:

  • Fraud
  • Bribery
  • Money Laundering
  • Embezzlement
  • Counterfeiting

Experience and knowledge about these particular accusations can be extremely helpful when it comes to building a defense for your case.

Aware of Vague or Confusing Laws and Procedures

It is a common belief that a government agent must read you your Miranda Rights before questioning you for information; however, this is not always the case. If you are being investigated for a crime, and the police come to your house to question you, anything you say can be used against you during trial. White collar crime defense attorneys are aware of these procedures that government agencies will use to make a case against you. Scott Flint suggests that if you find out you are being investigated, and a government agent comes to your home to speak with you, do not answer any questions and call your attorney immediately.

Being investigated for any illegality can be a stressful situation. Be sure to get all the help you can by hiring a white collar crime defense attorney and allowing their experience and knowledge help you in the best way possible. Call Flint Law, today, at 727-483-8404 to get more information about the help you can get from Scott Flint for your case.