Best Criminal Defense Attorney in St. Pete You should not take chances when facing criminal charges in St. Petersburg— your life, or at least a portion of your life, may be redeemed when you have the best criminal defense attorney on your side.

So how do you know who to hire? Pay attention to the following characteristics when choosing your representative:


This one goes without saying— the best criminal defense attorney in St. Petersburg has ample experience. Many legal nuances can only be learned through years of practice. Intuition is one of them— you do not simply acquire it in law school. Seek out a lawyer that has experience dealing with situations similar to yours; previously going down this path will arm them with intuitive knowledge and sharper insight to assist you.

Analytical Skills

Sharp analytical skills are an inseparable part of building a strong justification. Your lawyer must be a person who can use logical thinking to conceptualize, visualize, and articulate each aspect of your situation. The right advocate will be capable of solving problems that seem impossible to solve by using logic and problem solving abilities.  

Creative reasoning

Not only is logical and systematic thinking a must— creative reasoning takes logic to the next level. This higher level of reasoning is used by the best criminal defense attorney to tie together solid facts with the nature of reality to build the strongest case for your protection.

Understanding of Florida State Law

If you are convicted in St. Petersburg, your lawyer should be well versed in Florida State Law. Choosing a representative within your jurisdiction guarantees that they have relationships with the local judges, law firms, police officers, and many of the others involved in your case. They act confidently, knowing what to expect from others involved, what they are permitted to do legally, and will have the experience to analyze your situation realistically based on other similar cases in St. Petersburg.

Get the Best Criminal Defense Attorney at Flint Law Firm

Flint Law Firm offers you the experience, analytical skills, creative reasoning, and understanding of Florida State Law that you will need to build a strong case. The best criminal defense attorney will help to ease some of the anxiety and relieve the pressure you are facing, call us to discuss your situation at 727-483-8404.