Flint Law is ready to stand up for you when you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer in St. Petersburg. Fighting a criminal charge can be nerve-racking, scary, and disheartening. Contacting an attorney should be the first thing you do after being arrested or if you are suspicious of being investigated. A lawyer can take some of the pressure off of you while also protecting your rights, giving you legal advice, and help you to fight your charge every step of the way.

Attorneys are incredibly well-versed in law and give you a much better chance at having your case dropped or your penalties reduced. Having spent a great amount of time in the courtroom, an attorney is going to have better knowledge of the process and areas of focus. Therefore, it is wise to have legal counsel defend and represent you in court.


Questions For Hiring Legal Counsel

When you’re looking for the help of a criminal defense lawyer in St. Petersburg, you want to find one that is well-suited to defend your specific case. You want to make sure the person who will be representing you is a serious, experienced, and legitimate legal adviser. In order to find the right attorney for you, you need to thoroughly interview them. Questions you should ask before hiring a criminal defense lawyer in St. Petersburg are as follows:

  • What value does your background offer me?
    • What legal organizations do you belong to, and have you ever held an office position in any of them?
    • What experience do you have?
      • Have you worked as a state or federal attorney?
      • What related cases have you worked on?
  • Explain to me the details of my case:
    • Charges
    • My rights
    • What must be proved or disproved for a successful case?
    • What evidence can be used against me?
    • What consequences do I face?
  • How long have you been involved in criminal defense in the St. Petersburg area?
    • Assault/Battery
    • Burglary
    • Computer Crimes
    • Criminal Mischief
    • Department of Health Licensing
    • Driving While License Revoked
    • Drug Crimes/Trafficking
    • DUIs
    • Firearms Offenses
    • Fraud (Credit Card, Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, Securities, Welfare)
    • Grand Theft/Petit Theft
    • Medicare/Medicaid Exclusions
    • Practicing a Health Care Field Without a License
    • Prostitution
    • Racketeering
    • Robbery
    • Scheme to Defraud
    • Violations of Probation
    • White Collar Crimes

Asking questions such as these will ensure you’re hiring an experienced, dependable, and committed legal counsel to defend you. What a respectable St. Petersburg criminal defense lawyer will never do is guarantee results before reading your case; it’s not plausible and it’s a statement that roots from dishonesty. Criminal charges shouldn’t be taken lightly, as they can be pinned to your background for the rest of your life, not to mention how intense the punishments can be.

The time a legal adviser spends preparing for a case is invaluable. So what does a criminal defense lawyer do to help you before your trial in St. Petersburg? Scott Flint will be ready to defend you by researching, reviewing, and analyzing the facts of a case, the charges against you, the evidence, the actions of law enforcement, and related laws. This allows us to call for possible motions to dismiss, motions to suppress, other pre-trial motions, find procedural errors by law enforcement or prosecution, and interview witnesses the government has not disclosed or do not know about.

As a local law firm, we are familiar with the area’s practices and many prosecutors and law enforcement. We are here to protect your rights and defend you from almost any criminal charge including, but not limited to:

Flint Law knows dealing with a criminal charge can be a difficult time in you and/or your family’s life. Let us help and support you through this time by protecting and defending you. Call us for a consultation at 727-483-8404 and know you can count on us to do our best to achieve a favorable outcome as your criminal defense lawyer in St. Petersburg.