Criminal Law Attorney

A criminal law attorney may not be required for your case in St. Petersburg, but very few criminal defendants choose to represent themselves. In general, it is estimated that less than 1% of criminal defendants opt to handle their own cases.

Why? The reason is straightforward. When at risk of ending up in prison or jail, most people will do everything possible to find professional representatives who offer their legal guidance and the hope that comes with it.

Theory versus Practice

The theory of law is something you can learn. Read some books, talk to well-versed acquaintances, research the laws that pertain to your case, maybe even watch some live courtroom action to get an idea of how things flow.

Those without a legal background can learn the theory of law, but criminal cases are never as simple in practice as they may appear on paper. The experience of a criminal law attorney in St. Petersburg proves that a case is never as clean as the courtroom procedure outlined in a book.

Unpredictable Factors

Success in the courtroom depends on many factors, many of which are unpredictable.

Prosecutorial discretion is not within the power of research to predict. The prosecutor has authority to make decisions and often the outcome is dependent on their sole discretion. Prosecutors determine which charges to file, and you may be shocked when accused of crimes you were not expecting.

Legal Guidance of a Criminal Law Attorney

Being intermixed in a criminal case may put you into a complex interpersonal situation with colleagues, family, and other people in your life in St. Petersburg. Most people have a difficult time separating emotions from logistics which can make it psychologically difficult to deal with all the aspects involved. A criminal law attorney can guide you through your case objectively while other people in your life may find it hard to look at all of the facts with the accuracy that can only come from keen outside perspective.

Your lawyer can review and analyze your case and study the charges filed against you, scrutinize your evidence, and consider the rules and regulations that are in effect against you. A criminal law attorney in St. Petersburg knows how to investigate and can often find facts that are undisclosed or even completely overlooked because they may appear irrelevant at first glance.

Call Flint Law Firm for Criminal Defense

The experience of a criminal law attorney is not something attained through research. It is the mixture of knowledge, intuition, and keenness developed through years of practice. When hiring a lawyer you are not just hiring someone with knowledge of the law, but rather someone to walk through the defense process with you.

Every case is different and with almost 20 years of experience behind us, we know how to analyze your individual situation. If you have questions in regards to your case in St. Petersburg, give Flint Law Firm a call today at 727-483-8404. We are here for you.