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What to Do If You Get a DUI

Facing a DUI charge can be intimidating and frightening— will you lose your license? Will there be jail time? An endless string of questions, but you are still not sure what to do if you get a DUI in St. Petersburg. The best thing you can do is be informed, so you are successfully taking the first steps right now.

Contact a DUI Attorney

If you are trying to figure out what to do if you get a DUI in St. Petersburg, the very first step you should take is to contact an attorney that has experience with DUIs. A lawyer that has seen past successes and is properly licensed and certified will be able to answer the plethora of questions you have. Thanks to attorney-client privilege, you can rest assured knowing that the things you discuss with your lawyer will be safe from being used against you. Openly and forwardly recount the details of the incident, and always tell the truth.

Attend Your Court Date

You do not want to get into any more trouble with the law, so showing up for your designated court date is essential. Your appearance will likely be scheduled within 30 days of the incident, and this is where a judge will hear your plea and ultimately decide if you are guilty or not. If a Motor Vehicle Department does not suspend your license, the court may choose to do so, and vice versa. A guilty plea may result in:

  • Suspension (or termination) of license
  • Mandatory drunk driver education classes
  • Fines and fees
  • Required community service hours
  • Being placed on probation

If you get a DUI in St. Petersburg, the exact procedures and outcomes of an arrest will vary based upon the situation and your history with the law (especially in regards to any previous driving and intoxication offenses), which is why consulting with a professional legal counsel is in your best interest.

Pay the Punishment

If you are convicted of a DUI, there will be consequences. Driving while impaired or intoxicated is dangerous and threatens the safety of others, and isn’t something to be taken lightly. After you acquire legal assistance, attend your court date, and the court assigns you a punishment, it is your duty to abide by their decision.

Once you have served your sentence, you may need help getting your life back on track by reacquiring your driver’s license. If alcohol problems are a concern for you, consider seeking help by contacting an addictions counselor in St. Petersburg; some court-mandated programs are not as effective as those sought out intentionally by offenders because “it is well established that recovery must come from within.”

Wondering What To Do If You Get a DUI? Call Flint Law, PA.

If you are not sure what to do if you get a DUI in St. Petersburg, the best thing you can do is arm yourself with someone who is on your side and willing to defend your case. Our firm has been assisting Tampa Bay residents with their criminal charges and convictions for years, and we may be able to help you reduce the severity of your punishment. Contact us today to discuss your case.