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Medicare billing is extremely complex, and becoming even more so. The government is undertaking the laudable process of reducing improper charges in the program, but their aggressive tactics could result in false and harmful charges against well-intentioned providers.  

The line between honest disputes and outright fraud is not so clear cut, and accusations of cheating the government can severely damage a health care professional’s career and practice. Scott Flint has the right experience to vigorously defend health care providers against overzealous prosecution. Having worked in the past as an Assistant District Attorney in Florida’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, he acquired extensive experience and understanding of the complex procedures involved.

As a Medicare fraud attorney in St. Petersburg, Scott Flint puts his understanding of medical coding, billing and regulations to work for his clients. Medicare investigators can be quite relentless and without the assistance of an experienced attorney, you could be unfairly dragged through a lengthy and complex legal process. Let the Flint Law Firm aggressively defend your practice and your reputation as soon as you are aware of an inquiry.


If investigators come to your office, do not speak to them about your practice and do not answer any of their questions. Ask for a business card and tell them that you will have your attorney contact them. You should immediately contact a Medicare fraud attorney in St. Petersburg to protect yourself from potential fines, loss of license and even prison.

Remember that if agents show up at your office, they may have already spoken to your patients and employees. Anything you say to them, no matter how well-meaning, could be used as evidence against you if it seems to contradict other information they’ve gathered.

Needless to say, a conviction for fraud in health care programs can effectively end a medical career. Besides sentencing that suspends or revokes a medical license, the state of Florida makes it particularly difficult to get a revoked license back.

Even without a criminal conviction, the government might move to recover substantial payments. If a large part of your practice is paid through Medicare, they could go after a devastating portion of your past income. It is imperative that you have representation from a lawyer with extensive experience in this kind of case.

Scott Flint at Flint Law Firm knows how the investigators work. He understands the complex billing procedures, and he will protect your rights throughout the entire process. Call on Flint Law Firm to serve as your Medicare fraud attorney in St. Petersburg.