Understanding License Suspension

If you’ve been convicted for driving under the influence in St. Petersburg, it’s advisable to hire a DUI defense lawyer. Driving with a suspended license can lead to additional fees and penalties imposed by court or possibly even jail time. The professional guidance of a seasoned attorney can get you back on the road and ensure that your rights are respected. If this is your first offense, you may not be entirely aware of what suspension entails.


It’s understandable to be reluctant when asked to give up your license, but a DUI defense attorney will confirm that you want to surrender your ID as soon as possible. The holding period begins once the St. Petersburg DMV receives it, so delaying this will only result in an extension. When you are pulled over, you are also subject to Florida’s implied consent law, which states that if you are suspected of being under the influence while driving, you agree to take a substance test. Refusing a test (such as a breathalyzer) will result in a suspension of your license. 


You will receive a summons through the mail before the hiatus begins. The length is based on the individual violation and can be found in the letter. If you need additional explanation, your DUI defense lawyer can offer assistance. It is essential that you stay off the streets of St. Petersburg during your suspension period, no matter how tempting it may be to go driving.


Your license will be reinstated for a fee after the hiatus is complete. Payments vary:
• $45 for suspension
• $75 for revocation
There may be added expenses, and your attorney can explain them further. In some cases, there are steps like enrolling in probationary classes or proving you have bodily injury liability insurance.

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