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What Are My Rights When Getting Pulled Over?

Getting pulled over as part of a routine traffic stop is almost inevitable on the roads of St. Petersburg. While most of these stops will be a minor annoyance, some may get out of hand. If you feel that you have been mistreated during a traffic stop it may be time to get into contact with a criminal law firm. Before getting pulled over, however, it is important that you are aware of your rights in the event of a traffic stop. Listed below are your rights when being pulled over. Remember, if you feel that your rights have been violated, contact a St. Petersburg criminal law firm as soon as possible.

The Right to Personal Safety

This is easily your most important right when being pulled over. A police officer should under no circumstances force you to pull over in an unsafe manner. You should stop your car in a safe space on the right hand shoulder which presents no threat to you, your passengers, or anybody else in traffic. Likewise, when being physically handled by an officer, no bodily harm should come to you after lawfully obeying an officer’s requests. If you retain an injury while lawfully complying and being physically handled by the police, your rights may have been violated. In this case you should contact a criminal law firm in St. Petersburg.

The Right to Remain Silent

This is perhaps one of the most widely known and misunderstood personal rights. Not only do you have the right to remain silent after being arrested, you also have the right to remain silent beforehand. The only questions that you have to answer during a traffic stop, both in St. Petersburg and the rest of Florida, relate to your name, identification, proof of insurance, and registration. You cannot be arrested for exercising your right to remain silent. If you were, contact a criminal law firm.

The Right Against Illegal Search and Seizure

If an officer does not need permission to search you vehicle, he or she will not ask for permission. You have the right to deny a search of your vehicle if asked. Denying consent does not mean the officer has probable cause to search your vehicle. If an officer proceeds to search your vehicle anyways, tell the officer “I do not consent to this search,” then get into contact with a St. Petersburg criminal law firm.

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