As a St. Petersburg fraud attorney, Scott Flint has helped countless residents who have been accused of credit card fraud. Many people are under the impression that this accusation can only be used when the accused has stolen someone’s card information and used it, but it can be applied to many different situations. With the help of an experienced lawyer, you will know exactly what to expect, as well as feel confident that your rights are being protected.

Types of Fraud

When it comes to credit card fraud, there are two main types:

  • “Card present” occurs when the accused had physical access to the credit card. This can occur when the card is lost; however, it is not uncommon for someone to say the card was stolen even if the accused had permission to use it originally.
  • “Card not present” occurs when the accused gained access to the card information, but didn’t ever actually have the card in their physical possession. This can happen when someone enters their financial information on a website that isn’t secure.

Possible Outcomes

As many fraud attorneys are aware, the laws surrounding fraud are extremely vague, in an attempt to cover every single type. Penalties are typically based on the amount of money that was stolen; the penalty will be much less severe if less than $500 was stolen, compared to what someone who stole a large amount of money will face. It can range from paying fines that are usually twice the amount stolen, and sometimes even jail time.

Because the laws are so vague, the punishments can range drastically. And because there is such a stigma attached to credit card schemes, some St. Petersburg judges will attempt to make an example of you. This is why hiring a skilled lawyer is so paramount—even if you are found guilty, they can help ensure your punishment actually fits the crime.

When to Call a Fraud Attorney

If you are under investigation, or if you have already been arrested, calling a fraud attorney in St. Petersburg is your best bet. Possible convictions for this crime can be extremely serious, so you need someone skilled and knowledgeable fighting for your rights. For a free consultation, contact Flint Law Firm today; we offer law firm services at small firm prices!