Have You Been Accused Of Fraud?

Whether you are under investigation or have been formally charged with fraud, it is important that you hire a fraud attorney in Clearwater as soon as possible. Depending on what you have been accused of, credit misuse, identity theft, or insurance misrepresentation, you could be charged in either criminal or civil court at either the state or federal level. If found guilty, it is treated as a felony with jail time, fines, or probation; in some cases, you can face multiple penalties.

What Strategies Can Your Fraud Attorney Use?

Although each case is different, there are a number of strategies in which a Clearwater area fraud attorney can help you get through it:

  • Strategy should show there was no intent to commit a crime. Intentional deceit must be proven in order to be convicted of fraud. In some cases, disgruntled friends or resentful significant others will accuse an individual of stealing their financial information, when in fact, they were originally given permission to use the information. If the prosecution cannot prove that there was intentional deceit for financial or legal gain, the charges must be dropped.
  • A defense lawyer must work to disprove evidence presented by the prosecution. The prosecution needs to prove that I crime was committed, so the defense team must prove that the presented evidence was insufficient or illegally obtained in order to sway the jury into doubting the reliability of the evidence.
  • Entrapment is hard to prove, but can be used in some cases. A lawyer would have to prove that the client was not only entrapped, but also that the acts were completely out of character.

Flint Law Firm

Since 1996, Scott Flint has been a practicing fraud attorney in the Clearwater area, and his experience and professionalism make him the perfect choice for defending you through this stressful time.

In addition to constructing legal strategies on your behalf, he will also work hard to protect you through the following services:

  • Sitting in on interrogations to ensure you’re being treated fairly
  • Negotiating bail or bond options
  • Interviewing witnesses who could help your case
  • Filing pre-trial motions
  • Crafting plea bargains with the prosecutions, if appropriate

If you’re in need of a fraud attorney in the Clearwater area, call Flint Law today for a free consultation at (727) 483-8404.