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What Is Medicaid Fraud?

Fraud against a federal or state health care program occurs when a provider seeks financial reimbursement from the program by submitting false claims for payment. If you suspect you are being investigated of any act under federal or state law related to Medicaid in the Clearwater area, Flint Law has the experience and skills you want in a Medicaid fraud lawyer.

The Medicaid program is often taken advantage of because they, essentially, use the honor system for billing. These are some of the most common forms of deception or misrepresentation that may be grounds for hiring an attorney:

  • Billing for services or supplies that were never provided
  • Being billed twice for the same service or supply
  • Billing for a higher paying services rather than the service that was provided
  • Continuous billing after services were needed
  • Billing for “non-covered” services as “covered” services
  • Ordering a patient to do unnecessary testing

How Can Hiring A Medicaid Fraud Lawyer Help?

Not only will an experienced attorney explain your situation and rights so that you understand the situation at hand, they will also help build a case to provide you with the best outcome possible including lowering fines or possible jail time. And the sooner an attorney can get involved, the better. Scott Flint puts his understanding of medical coding, billing and regulations to work for his clients of his assistance.

Flint Law has been serving the people of the Clearwater area and navigating them through this stressful process for over 17 years. Experience and skill are important qualities to look for when trying to find the right Medicaid fraud lawyer for you and your case and you can trust that Flint Law has the abilities that you are looking for.

Flint Law of Clearwater

The government is really starting to crack down on this issue so don’t be unfairly dragged into a complex legal process without someone who will defend your legal rights. Call Flint Law at (727)-483-8404 to schedule your consultation and to get started on a defense for your case. Help protect your medical license, job, reputation, and rights and look no further than Flint Law for an aggressive Clearwater Medicaid fraud lawyer.