If you think you’re being investigated or have been charged with fraud in St. Petersburg, it is time to hire a fraud defense lawyer. There are many types of fraud, from identity theft to insurance fraud, but they all start from deception in order to make a personal gain. This crime can be charged as either a criminal or a civil case against state or federal law and most end as felonies with jail time, fines, and/or probation. Before you try to take legal matters into your own hands, know the benefits of hiring a professional to assist you during this time.

Services an Experienced Attorney Can Provide to Clients

If you suspect you’re being investigated, a St. Petersburg fraud defense lawyer can:

  • Tell you if there is actually a legal problem at hand and the severity of it
  • Explain the law to you as well as your legal rights
  • Figure out the strengths and weaknesses of your case
  • Tell you what your legal options are and advise you on the next steps to take
  • Negotiate bail or bond options for your benefit
  • Interview any witnesses that may help your case
  • Sit in on any interrogations to ensure no pressed confessions take place
  • File pre-trial motions
  • Craft a plea bargain with opposing counsel if it is a possibility

If you have already been charged, an attorney will:

Contacting a fraud defense lawyer in the early stages of this process will be more beneficial to you and whatever the outcome may be. The sooner you and your attorney can start to build a case, the better.

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