Ask These 3 Questions Before Hiring a White Collar Crime Lawyer

If you’re looking for a white collar crime lawyer in Clearwater, you already have a lot on your plate. Make finding someone who is the most qualified to represent you less stressful by knowing what questions to ask to get the answers you need right from the start.

Don’t be shy when it comes to getting to know your potential attorney. You have the right to know exactly what you are getting into and who it is that is going to represent you through this process. Here are some things to consider while deciding who will be the right fit:

  1. 1.What is your background and how much experience do you have? Really get to know the white collar crime lawyer you are considering. Ask them how they got into the field. Where did they go to college and law school and besides schooling, how do they keep up with the latest legal and business matters? Also find out what they like to do outside of the office and what makes them different from other attorneys in the Clearwater area.
  2. 2.How will I be charged? You’ll want a clear explanation of how you will be charged throughout this already stressful process. Ask if there will be a flat price or an hourly rate. Will you be getting billed for your time with your white collar crime lawyer and if so how frequently? You don’t want any surprise fees at the end so make sure you know what you will be paying beforehand. This can be a pricey process so do not be afraid to ask about ways to keep the cost low.
  3. 3.What will our relationship look like? This is a very important question to ask before hiring any professional. You want to make sure before you hire someone that you will be having a direct relationship with them. You don’t want your case being pushed off to another paralegal when you thought you would be working with the white collar crime lawyer you originally spoke to. Make sure you also discuss the small details such as the best way to communicate or contact them when you have a question.

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