Health insurance fraud is a serious offense that Clearwater police have recently been cracking down on. Knowing exactly how this crime is defined and who it affects can help protect you if you have been accused of it. Scott Flint of Flint Law Firm is an experienced fraud attorney who will be able to help ensure you receive a fair trial with a just outcome. If you are being investigated by the police, it is important to not say anything to them until you have a lawyer present, or you could accidentally incriminate yourself.

Who Commits Health Insurance Fraud?

Health insurance fraud can actually be committed by both healthcare providers and individuals. Because local Clearwater detectives have been focusing so much on this crime, many doctors are being wrongly accused, simply because of a misunderstanding or mistake. Protecting yourself and your practice during this time is imperative, since a conviction can cause you to lose your medical license.

How can doctors commit fraud?

  • Billing for services that were never provided
  • Billing for more than the services or procedures actually cost
  • Offering unnecessary services or procedures, just so they can bill the insurance company
  • Billing for separate steps during the procedure in order to get more paybacks
  • Reporting an incorrect diagnosis in order to perform unnecessary tests or procedures on the patient

These are just a few of the ways that medical professionals can commit health insurance fraud. As you can see, this is not a simple charge, and the evidence used for trial can be extremely complicated. Hiring an experienced lawyer who has defended these types of cases before is the best way to ensure you will be fully protected.

Non-medical or healthcare professionals in Clearwater can also commit this offense, by either allowing someone else to use their identity to use insurance, or by using their benefits to pay for prescriptions that were not given to them by their doctor.

Flint Law Firm

Health insurance fraud is an extremely complicated charge to try in court, which is why you need Scott Flint of Clearwater in your side. He will explain to you exactly what is happening and will fight hard for you. For a free consultation, call him today.