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When searching for a DUI attorney in the St. Petersburg area there are a few aspects to consider. First and foremost, you want to make sure that the person representing you has experience with DUI cases specifically. Important aspects to consider when searching include:

  • The number of cases handled
  • The number of years experience with DUIs
  • The level of courtroom experience
  • The ability to understand fully the facts peculiar to your case

No two cases are alike. A reliable and experienced lawyer will help guide you through the stressful and overwhelming process to make sure you are getting the best possible legal advice with respect to your specific case. 

Is your attorney familiar with laws pertaining to your area?

In Florida, driving after consuming alcoholic beverages, ingesting certain household chemicals, or taking controlled substances such as prescription medications or marijuana could lead to a DUI arrest if your normal faculties are impaired. You do not necessarily have to consume alcohol and blow above a .08 to be arrested for a DUI. A reliable DUI attorney in the St. Pete area will be familiar with the laws and procedures related to both the administrative licensing process of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles as well as the criminal aspects of your case. He or she should know the possible penalties and have the ability to navigate the sometimes complex process of bringing a DUI case to conclusion. Laws and court cases interpreting those laws often change and your attorney should be up-to-date and familiar with cases and law pertaining to both the criminal aspect of a DUI and the administrative rules and procedures relating to driver license suspension.

Is your attorney aware of the defenses working in your favor?

An experienced and trustworthy DUI attorney in the St. Pete area is aware of the cases that work in your favor. If you are advised to plead guilty immediately, it may be time to reconsider whom you chose to represent you. A dependable attorney is aware that possible defenses include insufficient evidence of impairment or that you were in actual physical control of a vehicle while impaired, improper or unconstitutional stops, and the possibility of excluding inculpatory statements, field sobriety exercises, or breath test results. Although there are no guarantees, an attorney could get your charge reduced to reckless or careless driving. 

If you are arrested and accused of a DUI, then consulting with an experienced attorney is crucial. The legal, emotional, and financial trauma is difficult to deal with on your own. Don't go it alone. Contacting someone who is prepared to defend you vigorously and help you through the criminal process will help ease your mind. Call Scott Flint today for a free consultation: 727-483-8404