White Collar Crime Defense FAQs

If you know that you are under investigation for a white collar crime in Clearwater, it is imperative that you seek legal advice from an experienced white collar crime defense attorney as soon as possible. Getting professional legal advice and knowing your options could be the difference between innocence and conviction.

To help you understand the situation better, we answer some of your most common questions:

  1. What is a White Collar Crime? This types of crime includes non-violent actions motivated by money and involves some type of deception. Some of these crimes include fraud, bribery, insider trading, environmental crime, embezzlement, forgery, and tax evasion.
  2. How can I tell if I am under investigation? Many people do not know that they are under investigation until the police show up at their door. Some signs that you may be under investigation include being contacted by a representative of a federal agency or state agency in Clearwater, receiving a subpoena, or being presented with a search warrant. If you receive any of these inquiries, it is in your best interest to contact a defense attorney and discuss your situation.
  3. What could happen to me if I am convicted? The punishment for a white collar crime depends on the crime and its severity. Sentences can include jail time, fines, restitution or home detention. Many cases are processed in the federal courts and are taken very seriously. An attorney with knowledge of the court system can evaluate and provide an outline of the consequences for your situation.
  4. What are some white collar crime defenses? If your case goes to trial, a skilled attorney can prepare a defense that could include duress, entrapment or absence of intent depending on the circumstances of the case. Always look for an attorney with experience and strategy white collar defense cases who is familiar with the federal rules.

Before you speak with the officials, speak with the white collar crime defense attorneys at Flint Law Firm in Clearwater at 727-483-8404 if you feel that you may be under investigation. They offer full legal representation and have over 17 years of experience.