Building A Strong Fraud Defense

Fraud is a word we hear too often on the news, but it is also a concept that remains unclear to most of us, until we are directly tied to this kind of negative action. As your St. Petersburg fraud defense attorney, we want to help you stay informed of the common ways we can help you build the strong defense you need in case of accusation.

Each case is different so it’s impossible to have a one-size-fit-all type of defense, however we can certainly find a few strategies that are more popular around St. Petersburg. A fraud defense attorney can help you step by step by understanding the accusation and introducing you to the four important defense options you may have:

  1. Lack of Evidence: The prosecutor is in charge of proving a crime was committed. Often, if the action cannot be proven effectively, you can claim insufficient evidence as your defense. When the jury doubts of your guilt, this strategy can work.
  2. No Intent to Commit a Crime: To qualify as a fraud, an action must be intended to deceive. So if the intent to commit a crime cannot be proven, then there is a chance the charges will be dropped.
  3. Misunderstanding. There have been many times that a disgruntled friend or significant other will accuse someone of stealing their financial information, even when there was permission given originally.
  4. Entrapment: This last option can be more difficult to prove, but it still just as important. You will need to prove that you were compelled into committing a crime, and that you would not normally commit such acts.

Being accused of committing a crime in St. Petersburg is a serious situation that always requires the help of an experienced fraud defense attorney. Professionals will be able to analyze the situation and determine the best defense available for your case. At Flint Law Firm we will help you with any situations, as well as inform you of ways to protect yourself in the future. Call us today at 727-483-840 to receive a free consultation.