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Criminal Defense Attorney: Common defense tactics

As an experienced St. Petersburg criminal defense attorney, Scott Flint at Flint Law has seen many different defense tactics throughout his 17 years of practicing law. Although it can often be difficult to tell which will be most successful, if you have been arrested, your lawyer can help you create a plan that will best suit your needs. While the prosecutor has to prove your guilt to the jury beyond all reasonable doubt, your lawyer just needs to cast enough uncertainty to make the jury believe you could be innocent. 

Criminal defense attorneys can do this in a number of ways, but most tactics fall into one of two categories: you didn’t do it, or you did it but shouldn’t be responsible.

If you choose the category of “I didn’t do it,” then you have a few options of how to proceed:

  • Innocent until proven guilty. Like we mentioned before, the judge and jury must assume that you are innocent until the prosecutor convinces them otherwise beyond all reasonable doubt. It is their job to prove your guilt, but it is not your job to prove your innocence.
  • Alibi. This is one of the simplest defenses, as it just entails the defendant proving they were somewhere else when the crime occurred, so there is no way they could have been involved.

The second, more complicated approach to defending yourself in St. Petersburg is the idea that you did commit the crime, but for some vital reason, you shouldn’t be held responsible for it. Some examples of this would be:

  • Self-defense. This one is rather self-explanatory, as the defendant is saying they had to do what they stand accused of in order to protect themselves from an attack. To be successful, your St. Petersburg criminal defense attorney will have to accurately demonstrate that the threat of harm was real and that you responded reasonably.
  • Insanity. This is a popular justification on television crime dramas, but it is not as common in the real world. The courts define insanity as “the inability to know right from wrong,” and without a history or diagnosis of mental disease, it can be difficult to prove.

Flint Law Firm

It is important to remember that your criminal defense attorney in St. Petersburg will do a lot more than pick a strategy; they will, in a sense, coach you through the entire trial. This can include mock testimonies and trials, having you write down your version of what happened, and helping you remember key details about the alleged crime.

Don’t trust your future with just anyone; at Flint Law Firm, we have the experience to help you through the entire process and to get you the fairest outcome possible. For a free consultation with a criminal defense attorney in St. Petersburg, call us today at 727-483-8404.