Health care fraud is an extremely serious charge and can be prosecuted under a variety of state and federal statutes.This type of fraud occurs when a health care provider seeks financial reimbursement from a federal, state, or private health care program by submitting false claims. Many programs like Medicare and Medicaid run on an honor system for billing, which leaves them wide open to fraud opportunities.

Recently the U.S. Government has begun cracking down on doctors and other medical professionals in order to curtail the fraud. The types of alleged fraud practiced against health care programs are virtually limitless and state and federal law enforcement is becoming more aggressive and creative in combating perceived fraud. But while the government is becoming more creative in investigating and prosecuting fraud, the billing rules are becoming more complex, often catching unsuspecting and law-abiding health care providers in a net meant to catch dishonest providers.  Unfortunately, this means some honest and well-meaning medical providers may get entangled in an investigation or worse--a prosecution.

If you believe you may be under investigation, it is imperative that you call an experienced and knowledgeable health care fraud attorney in St. Petersburg immediately. If convicted of health care fraud, you could lose your medical license, be excluded from participating in health care programs, incur hefty fines, and even face prison time.  An aggressive attorney will help you achieve the best outcome possible.

As a past Assistant Attorney General in Florida's Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, Scott Flint has extensive knowledge of and experience with the often-complex statutes, billing regulations, and coding manuals governing health care programs. He will help you prepare a strong defense to obtain the most favorable outcome possible. His aggressive approach could be the difference in the outcome of your case.

If you, or someone you know, is under investigation for health care fraud, call us today at Flint Law Firm.  You must have an attorney on your side as quickly as possible, since prosecutors may be talking to your patients and past employees right now. 

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