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Facing prosecution for a white collar crime in St. Petersburg can be terrifying. However, hiring a credit card fraud lawyer can and will make all the difference when it comes time to create your defense strategy. Once you have been arrested for this crime, the prosecution will fight to prove that you knowingly used someone else’s card with the intent of dishonestly obtaining money or goods. While the knowing and intent elements are important, sometimes just being in possession of someone’s ATM PIN can be enough to have you convicted.

Common Defenses

The easiest way to prove you had both the knowledge and intent to commit a crime is with a confession. However, without one, the case will be based solely on circumstantial evidence. This can be much easier to build a defense strategy against. Your St. Pete credit card fraud lawyer will probably ask you a myriad of questions concerning how you allegedly got ahold of the card. Sometimes, the accused believed that they had permission to use the card; occasionally after a relationship has gone bad, a vindictive ex will report the card as stolen after previously giving you permission to use it.

Possible Outcomes

When it comes to this type of financially motivated fraud, the verdict is always case specific, as it depends on multiple aspects, including:

  • Prior criminal history
  • Relationship between victim and accused
  • Amount of money used
  • How hard the victim is pushing for conviction

If you are convicted, you will usually be ordered to pay some amount of restitution. This is a pre-set amount of money ordered by the judge for you to pay back to the victim.

St. Pete Credit Card Fraud Lawyer

If you have been accused of fraudulently using a credit card in St. Petersburg, you should not wait any longer to call a credit card fraud lawyer. No matter what, never agree to an interview with the police until you have consulted your attorney. Since these cases can be based entirely on circumstantial evidence, it is key that you don’t do anything that could potentially help the prosecutors.

If you need a St. Petersburg credit card fraud lawyer, call Scott Flint. With almost 20 years of experience working as a defense attorney, he will ensure that you receive the fairest outcome possible. For more information, or to schedule a free consultation, call Flint Law, P.A. at 727-483-8404.