Some people believe they are capable of representing themselves in court against criminal charges.  That is not usually the best course of action.  A large amount of work goes into properly defending a criminal case, including reviewing and analyzing all the charges, interviewing witnesses, examining evidence, scrutinizing the actions of law enforcement officers, researching laws and regulations, filing pre-trial motions, and preparing for trial.

If you believe you are being investigated for a crime, or you have been arrested, choosing the right criminal defense attorney is extremely important. It is usually best to hire a local attorney, someone who is familiar with the local practices of the court system.  Scott Flint is a local attorney and is familiar with many of the prosecutors in the St. Petersburg area, which may be helpful when negotiating plea bargains or reduced charges.

Scott Flint has been practicing law in Florida for almost twenty years and is dedicated to protecting you and your loved one’s constitutional rights.  He has handled general and relatively simple criminal cases to the most intricate white collar crimes.  Flint has the skills and experience to represent you in the courtroom as your criminal defense attorney.

As your criminal defense attorney, Scott Flint will defend against most charges, including DUIs, drug charges, white collar crimes, theft, burglary, Medicare and Medicaid Fraud, as well as many others. Although he will defend a large list of criminal charges, Flint does not defend sexual assault cases or crimes against children. 

If you, or someone you know, is in need of a criminal defense attorney, call Flint Law today at 727-483-8404 for a free consultation. Of course there are no guarantees, but you can feel confident that Flint Law will give you the best defense possible.