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criminal law attorneyIf you have been charged with a crime in St. Petersburg, a criminal law attorney at Flint Law may be able to help strengthen your defense. When you are at risk of serious charges, a record, or a prison sentence you should not take chances with your legal representation. You need someone you can trust to gather every bit of evidence, present your case strongly, and fight for you.

What Will My Criminal Law Attorney Do for Me?

The primary role of your criminal law attorney is to represent you in court and defend your case. They do everything in their power to understand your case thoroughly, and generally, they will:

  • Investigate your case
  • Interview any witnesses
  • Research the case, statutes, crimes codes, and procedural laws that pertain to your situation
  • Build your defense
  • Develop a strategy for your case
  • Negotiate with the prosecutors to lessen charges
  • Draft, file, and argue motions
  • Advocate for you during trial
  • Draft, file, and submit appeals

Every step of the process requires expertise that develops with experience, which is why you should choose your representative carefully. When choosing which criminal law attorney you want to represent you, choose someone who has strong oral persuasive skills because their job is to persuade the jury and judge on your behalf. Flint Law Firm can provide you with a lawyer who has strong analytical skills, creative reasoning abilities, and a thorough understanding of Florida’s various rules and laws and how the criminal justice system in St. Petersburg operates.  

What Legal Cases Does Flint Law Take On?

If you are unsure whether our firm will take on your case, call us and we can help advise you regarding the legal proceedings of your case. We deal with many types of situations and criminal cases in St. Petersburg, from misdemeanors to high crimes. Some of the legal battles that a criminal law attorney at our firm can help you deal with include:

  • DUIs
  • White collar crimes
  • Drug crimes and trafficking
  • Insurance fraud
  • Driving with a revoked license
  • Violations of probation
  • Offense with a firearm
  • Grand theft
  • Robberies and burglaries
  • Assault
  • Prostitution

Regardless of the type of crime you have been charged with, knowing that you have a strong advocate to fight for you will help ease some of the stress and other problems you may face while going through a legal battle in St. Petersburg.

What Should I Do in the Meantime?

Stay silent. If you have been charged with a criminal offense, you should remember that everything you say and do can and will be held against you in court. The best thing for you to do while you search for legal representation is to practice your right to remain silent to avoid weakening your defense. Avoid discussing your case, as your criminal law attorney will speak for you in a way that will protect you and your rights in St. Petersburg.

How long will the Legal Process Take?

Flint Law Firm will work hard to resolve your case as quickly as possible by avoiding some of the unnecessary hassles that occur when an advocate does not come to court prepared with everything expected. Your criminal law attorney knows many of the local prosecutors in St. Petersburg because we have worked with many of them over the years. Our familiarity with the local jurisdiction allows us to prepare accordingly and avoid any unnecessary follow-up hearings that were prompted by the lack of preparation.

Call Flint Law Firm to Speak with Your Criminal Law Attorney

When dealing with serious legal matters, experience counts. We have experience dealing with many different cases in St. Petersburg. We can provide you with a criminal law attorney who has knowledge, intuition, and the expertise that is only obtained from many years of practice.

We have almost 20 years of experience behind us, which prepares us with the knowledge to analyze your situation and create a plan of attack. If you have questions about your case, give Flint Law Firm a call today at 727-483-8404. We are here for you.

Please Note

Flint Law firm does not accept rape cases or defend crimes against children. 

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