If you find yourself under investigation in Clearwater, contact a fraud defense lawyer immediately. Whether you’ve been accused of a White Collar Crime or are being ‘audited’ by Medicare, failing to hire an attorney will work against you. Reach out to Scott J. Flint, who has been practicing law since 1996. There are complicated procedures and policies that only an experienced professional can help you understand.

Fraud Comes in Many Forms

At Flint Law, our fraud defense lawyer has worked with numerous clients from all walks of life for nearly twenty years. Some Clearwater residents may be hesitant to seek legal help, but we understand that life can get complicated. Some common cases of fraud that we have seen include:

  • Insurance
  • Credit card
  • Mortgage
  • Money laundering
  • Medicare
  • Health care
  • Identity theft
  • Tax evasion

If you’re being investigated for any of these charges, you need to hire an attorney. We promise to show you respect while working on your case, whatever the circumstances. We know that investigations are stressful and understanding them can be complicated. Let us handle the complex challenges of the legal system for you.

A Fraud Defense Lawyer Can Help

Quick action is needed when allegations are made, and choosing to hire a fraud defense lawyer will make your case run more smoothly. If you are being tried in either federal or state court, the guidelines used for sentencing will differ. This is why it is so critical to enlist the help of a knowledgeable legal expert in Clearwater. Your attorney can defend your case in several ways:

  • Absence of Intent to Commit a Crime: Fraud was not premeditated.
  • Non-Fraudulent Statement: If you are accused of making a misleading statement, for example in an advertisement, it must relate to an existing fact. If it doesn’t, the accusation can be argued against.
  • Insufficient Evidence: While this can be hard to claim, it does occur.
  • Entrapment: This occurs when an individual is forced to act by the government and not by their choice.

These are just some of the ways that we at Flint Law can create a defense case against the prosecution.

Flint Law

The circumstances leading you to court are stressful enough; don’t let things get worse by failing to seek the help of a fraud defense lawyer. By working with us, you will improve the likelihood of achieving the best result from the trial. With nearly twenty years of experience with Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Tampa Bay court systems, we know how to defend our clients. Contact Flint Law for a consultation with our attorney at 727-483-8404.

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