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DUI Lawyer | St. Petersburg

A DUI lawyer is the first person in St. Petersburg you should contact if you are charged with driving under the influence. Also known as drunk driving, impaired driving, operating under the influence, and many other names, this violation is a criminal offense and can land you heavy fines and even time in prison. You are also considered under the influence when on certain drugs, not just alcohol, that leave you in an intoxicated state. Should you be arrested and charged with this crime, it is important to know your rights and contact a professional to assist you during this difficult time.

DUIs in Florida

In St. Petersburg, driving while under the influence is illegal. When the blood alcohol content (BAC) of an individual reaches a certain level, they can be arrested for operating a vehicle. In Florida, your BAC varies based on age.

  • Under 21: Your BAC must be below 0.02%.
  • 21 or older: The legal limit is 0.08%.
  • Commercial drivers: Anything from 0.04% and up is illegal.

These levels are all eligible to receive a conviction. Penalties for convictions vary based on the number of offenses but range from:

  • Six months to a year in jail
  • $500 to $5,000 in fines
  • Suspension of license for 180 days to 10 years
  • Requirement of an IID (interlock ignition device)

Refusing to take a chemical test can be equally as penalizing, and your license will automatically be suspended due to Florida’s implied consent law. It is in your interest to take the test, and then contact a DUI lawyer to guide you through any consequences and procedures.

How a DUI Lawyer Can Help

Understanding legal terms and regulations can be confusing, and a DUI lawyer will assist people arrested with understanding the laws and informing them about what options they have to go forward with. In St. Petersburg, it’s important to hire a trusted, experienced attorney that is up-to-date on the ever-changing laws regarding drunk driving. Discipline varies based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to having a minor present in the vehicle at the time of the arrest, a high BAC (0.12% or higher), or reckless driving.

Hiring an Attorney

A DUI lawyer will be able to speak with you and discuss all of the rights you are entitled to in the situation. Legalese can be confusing, so an experienced attorney is the best resource for navigating the court and its laws. In St. Petersburg, your conviction is considered a misdemeanor unless:

  • You’ve had two prior convictions in 10 years
  • You’re on your 4th, 5th, 6th, or higher arrest (date irrelevant)
  • Your incident caused severe bodily harm or injury, or ended with death

All are classified as third-degree felonies, except death, which is considered manslaughter and is a first or second-degree felony. There are, of course, intricacies and details in every case that mean these guidelines are not as clear-cut as they seem, which is why an attorney that specializes in drunk driving law. When searching for a DUI lawyer in St. Petersburg, consider the following:

  1. Specialty. Does the attorney specialize in DWI cases, or similar?
  2. Free consultation. Consulting with an attorney is a great way to see if you get along with and feel comfortable with them.
  3. Location. Are they nearby and accessible? A local attorney will have the availability to assist you when you need it. They will also understand the local laws and regulations.
  4. Cost. It’s important to be clear and upfront about expenses, and a trustworthy practice will discuss financing and payment options with you.

Call Flint Law Firm Today

Located in St. Petersburg, Flint Law Firm is staffed by an experienced, knowledgeable DUI lawyer who can assist you if you have been convicted of driving under the influence. Flint Law Firm has represented clients in the area for many years and Scott Flint has had experience not only in law but in the Air Force and other professional fields and understands the dedication and expertise that you need for your legal matters. Scott Flint treats all of his clients with the respect and loyalty that they deserve and works tirelessly for your cause. If you are in need of a DUI lawyer in St. Petersburg, call Flint Law Firm at 727-483-8404. Schedule a free consultation today, and discover how we can help you.

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