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Fraud Defense Lawyer in St. Petersburg

Being under investigation or having been arrested for criminal falsification can be intimidating without a skilled St. Petersburg fraud defense lawyer by your side. In cases like these, the prosecution will typically work toward proving that you intentionally stole someone’s identity or credit card in order to obtain goods, money, services, or legal benefits. Scott Flint is here to help negotiate on your behalf and draft a strong defense for you, should your case go to trial.

Understanding Fraudulent Crimes

In order to be charged with this type of crime in St. Petersburg, there needs to be suspicion of deception, false statements, or misrepresentation for monetary or legal benefits. Some of the most common reasons to hire a fraud defense lawyer are to combat charges of counterfeiting, embezzlement, health insurance deception, credit card deceit, or identity theft.

TITLE XLVI of Florida Statues section 817.024 defines Scheme to Defraud as “a systematic, ongoing course of conduct with intent to defraud one or more persons, or with intent to obtain property from one or more persons by false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promises or willful misrepresentations of a future act.”

Although this definition is open to interpretation, there are certain components that need to be proven in order for prosecution to convict you of this crime:

  • Misrepresentation of facts with prior knowledge of their falseness
  • Using said misrepresentation to your advantage in order to receive monetary or legal gains
  • Another individual or entity suffered an injury or loss due to this misrepresentation
  • Sit in on any interrogations to ensure no coerced confessions take place
  • Interview any witnesses
  • Negotiate bail or bond options on your behalf
  • File pre-trial motions
  • Craft a plea bargain with opposing counsel, if possible

What happens if you are found guilty?

The types of crimes you would need a fraud defense lawyer for all vary in severity, but most are considered felonies and convicted as such. Because of this, you can face jail time, fines, probation, or a combination if convicted. For health care providers, this could also lead to a suspended or revoked license if convicted in St. Petersburg.

Hiring the Right Fraud Defense Lawyer

Choosing qualified and experienced representation to fight for you can be a confusing process, but it is important that you are confident in whomever you hire. For two decades, Scott Flint has successfully worked as a fraud defense lawyer in St. Petersburg, defending who have been accused. He understands that there is no universal strategy for defending clients in a legal battle, which is why he will work hard to build the best possible case to protect you.

To provide you with the strongest case, Flint Law Firm will scrutinize each piece of evidence stacked against you to ensure that it is not only legitimate, but also obtained legally. Whether the evidence is legitimate, he will use the information in order to build an appropriate defense strategy for your case.

Some of the thorough, but necessary, actions an experienced St. Petersburg fraud defense lawyer will take to protect you and provide you with the best possible outcome are as follows:

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If you’ve been accused of committing crimes of deceit call Flint Law offices. We offer free consultations in order to get to know each other and discuss this case in a stress-free atmosphere. For more information about our legal services, or to set up a free consultation with a fraud defense lawyer, call our St. Petersburg office today at (727) 483-8404.

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Flint Law firm does not accept rape cases or defend crimes against children. 

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