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White Collar Crime Defense Attorney | St. Petersburg

Seeking help from a St. Petersburg white collar crime defense attorney if you are under investigation is the best way to ensure you are completely prepared for anything that might ensue. Hiring an experienced lawyer when you are in such situation will provide you with a better understanding of what’s happening and help you craft an adequate defense for your case. No matter if you are innocent or guilty, your attorney will work to ensure you receive a fair outcome.

Were You Accused of a Crime?

Understanding what you might be accused of is the first step to take in order to build a strong defense. These types of crimes are also known as corporate crimes, and typically refer to offenses that induced monetary motivations and often involved deceptive actions.

A white collar crime defense attorney can help you understand the accusation; but you should know that this type of offense is difficult to define because of its various nature and some areas have not been defined by the law yet. Some of the common corporate crimes encountered around St. Petersburg include fraud, bribery, counterfeiting, embezzlement, money laundering.

What Are The Punishments?

There is no one-size-fit-all type of sentence for white collar crimes. In fact each punishment is likely going to be different because so many factors are taken into account while studying the case. Federal Sentencing Guidelines are available as a starting point, and while they are only advisory, many judges do refer to these guidelines. State court sentences are a little easier to decode but still require thorough knowledge of the Florida’s Criminal Punishment Code in place in St. Petersburg.

Facing the accusation, it is nearly impossible to expect a certain sentence. Commonly, the punishments for are large fines, prison time, or a combination of the two. Still, you should keep in mind that other sanctions exist as well, and remember your white collar crime defense attorney will can help you avoid the harshest punishments.

Why Hire a Defense Attorney?

Being charged with a crime is always a bid deal, and navigating the federal of state laws require the knowledge of someone who has worked with it for many years. Without the help of a white collar crime defense attorney, you will get in court with very little tools to defend yourself and protect your rights. An expert can help you understand the nature of the charge, the defenses available to you, and what to expect after the trial.

Your St. Petersburg white collar crime defense attorney should be the first person you contact when you get noticed of the investigation. The stress of the situation often leads people to feel helpless, which can cause them to misspeak. Unfortunately, government agents take good notes of every statement made, and will not hesitate to use anything you previously said against you during the trial. The best plan of action in this situation is to let a lawyer, who knows how to handle these conversations, speak with them.

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