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There are many different types of fraud, though all cases typically involve some form of deception, false statement, or misrepresentation made for personal gain—usually with monetary purposes. Some of the most common types include:

They can be charged as criminal or civil cases against state or federal law, sometimes both. In order to be convicted, the prosecution must prove the criminal intent of the perpetrator with particularity—meaning each element of the case needs to be proved individually, including the defendant misrepresented material facts they knew to be false, relied on this misrepresentation, and, as a result of this misrepresentation, caused injury or loss.

Many criminal fraud cases are charged as felonies with jail, fines and/or probation, or reinstitution and fines with civil cases. The punishments depend on the nature and severity of the crime—which is why contacting a St. Petersburg fraud attorney to begin building your defense as soon as possible is imperative.

Scheme to Defraud

Florida has become especially focused on fraudulent behavior—and understandably so, considering insurance fraud cases alone cost the U.S. an estimated $80 billion a year.

As defined by the Florida Communications Fraud Act (817.034) (d) Scheme to Defraud is the “systematic, ongoing course of conduct with intent to defraud one or more persons, or with intent to obtain property from one or more persons by false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promises or willful misrepresentations of a future act.”

It also states that “If that amount of property obtained has an aggregate value of $50,000 or more, the violator is guilty of a felony of the first degree.” Whereas if the amount is less than $300, the defendant can be found guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree.

The penalties and punishments of fraudulent cases in Florida vary widely depending on the nature of your case, which is why it is highly recommended to get in touch with a St. Petersburg fraud attorney as soon as possible.

The broad and sometimes ambiguous nature of these fraudulent laws and regulations can become problematic for business owners and medical practices. It is possible to fall victim to fraudulent acts without even being aware of it. However, even if you believe yourself to be innocent, you still need to contact a criminal defense lawyer.

Insurance Fraud

Health care fraud, which is what the Department of Justice and Health and Human Services is adamantly cracking down on, is when someone seeks financial reimbursement from state or federal health care programs through false or fraudulent payment claims. This is especially prominent with Medicare, since they operate on an honor system for billing. It can happen by billing someone for services not supplied, charging twice for the same service, misrepresenting a diagnosis for financial gain, continually billing for a service no longer necessary, or ordering unnecessary lab rests.

Even well intentioned health care providers can find themselves under investigation, and, if convicted, will have to deal with serious punishments that affect both their personal and professional lives, such as a license suspension or revocation.

Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been arrested, or are currently under investigation for this type of crime, it is important you do not speak to investigators. Instead, if a state or federal agent reaches out to you, get their business card. Then call Scott Flint, St. Petersburg fraud attorney, and he will contact them on your behalf while simultaneously helping you build the best defense possible.

If you need a fraud attorney, there is no better person to call in the Pinellas County area than Scott Flint P.A. As a private practitioner with experience handling many civil and criminal cases, Flint is well versed in the Code of Federal Regulations, Medicare Physician Fee Schedules, Medicare Benefits Policy Manual, and case law. He is also the former Assistant Attorney General in the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit.

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