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Health care fraud in Clearwater is a form of white collar crime that occurs with the filing of false health care claims in order to gain profits. This crime is committed by either providers or consumers when they knowingly submit or cause someone else to submit false or misleading information for use in determining the amount of health care benefits payable. All public and private programs are subject to this type of crime; however, Medicare and Medicaid are the most visible. This type of scheme includes insurance, drug, and medical fraud. The consequences of a prosecution can range from revocation of your license to incarceration. Laws are often ambiguous and hard to understand, so it is important to hire a skilled and knowledgeable attorney if you are under investigation for this crime.

Types of Health Care Fraud

There are several different health care fraud schemes, including:

  • Individuals obtaining prescription pills they don’t need and selling them on the black market
  • Practitioners billing for practices they never rendered
  • Filing duplicate claims for the same service rendered
  • Altering the dates or descriptions of services
  • Altering identities of members of providers
  • Billing for a non-covered service as a covered service
  • Billing for a higher paying services (called up-coding)
  • Modifying medical records
  • Intentional incorrect reporting of diagnoses or procedures to maximize payment
  • Accepting kickbacks for patient referrals
  • Use of unlicensed staff
  • Waiving member co-pays
  • Prescribing additional or unnecessary treatment
  • Providing false information when filing paperwork for programs or services
  • Using transportation benefits for non-medical related purposes
  • Loaning or using another’s insurance card

As you can see, some of these health care fraud crimes could easily be committed by mistake. A Medicare Fraud Strike Force formed from the Department of Justice and Health and Human Services is becoming aggressive in combating and preventing these crimes and enforcing anti-fraud laws throughout the country. Because of this, the government can sometimes criminally prosecute in cases in which a civil recoupment action would be adequate. Hiring an experienced law firm, like Flint Law, is imperative because the results of a conviction in a trial can be severe and far-reaching.

Serious Consequences

A successful prosecution can have real consequences, including incarceration, fines, and losing the right to practice in the medical industry. Unfortunately, the billing rules are complex and often unclear, causing many honest doctors to be subject to criminal investigations. If you have been the victim of these ambiguous laws, call me as soon as possible at 727-483-8404.

An Expensive Crime

Health care fraud costs the United States a lot of money. 10 cents of every dollar spent on health care goes toward paying for fraudulent health care claims, totaling to an estimated $80 billion a year on American tax payers according to the FBI. The sad reality is that the customers are the ones paying for this crime. It is not a victimless crime; people are subjected to unnecessary or unsafe medical procedures and their medical records can be compromised. What do I do if I am arrested for health care fraud in Clearwater?

Contact me at Flint Law immediately for professional assistance. I have the knowledge and experience to navigate these complicated laws and build a vigorous defense due to my time as Assistant Attorney General to the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit and as a practitioner on numerous civil and criminal cases. I know the investigative techniques used by federal and state agents. The forceful, heavy handed nature of those forces combating this crime requires a proactive Clearwater health care fraud attorney. Call me for a consultation today to protect your medical license, career, reputation, and rights at 727-483-8404.

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